Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Bulletdodger Part II

Apparently he's ok.

We have both been so worried, he just seems to look really yellow again. Even Max noticed, said, "Dad, your eyes are yellow." And he was yellow last year, before we found out. So we have both been freaked out and fucked up, expecting the worst.

The doctor reckons he is fine ... felt him all over for any signs of tumours, and gave him a blood test.

The blood test should show elevated levels of something, if it looks bad he will get a phonecall. If not, he just goes back in August for a check-up.

It's still worrying - what if there are tumours growing, somewhere? And we don't find out til it's too late? Why is he yellow?

Thanks so much for the good wishes ..... you all rock. Again.


areyoukiddingme said...

Nice image that you have implanted in my head. It's only 8 am, and now I get to imagine an erection springing from the ground ALL DAY. Thank you.

I think you'll always worry about new tumors - and rightly so, as he has shown that it can happen to him. But you can't let that rule your life. Fortunately, if he continually pesters you for sex, you have something else to think about!

Glad the visit to the doctor went well.

kateypie35 said...

A penis sticking out of the ground....*snort* are a wack job! I love it!

Glad to hear he is ok...knock on wood, spit into the wind, throw salt over the shoulder, wish on an eyelash.....

Stacie said...

Hm, maybe you could hang a little planter on it, you know, if it's going to be out in the way. Or a sign. Use it as a backrest if you ever need to sit down. You might as well use it for something useful. Right? Or am I just twisted?

I am so glad that all looks clear so far. Hoping the bloodwork is okay, too, and he loses that yellow tinge.

It takes a long time for the fear and feeling of the other shoe dropping to leave. Don't beat yourself up too much over it. You'll all get there.


G$ said...

Kateypie said knock on wood... huhuhuhuhuhuhuh

Glad to hear the news was OK. His sex drive not being depleted is always a good symptom too, right? :)

Hang in there hun, even if you are hanging by his unit...


PaleMother said...

Sorry ... off my game. I'm a week late here (blogger doesn't 'follow' blogs that are private, so I have to remember all on my own to check here).

Glad the Doger's alright! I am so sorry that you have to be looking over your shoulders ever after. They should invent a new word for how badly that sucks. Maybe the French have got a word for it? I don't speak froggie, but they seem to cover some ground we've missed so far ... :)


battynurse said...

Yes, I keep forgetting to check in here too. That part about his penis sticking up out of the ground? Have you seen the picture of that? It's like a card front or something with a little old lady exclaiming happily over a mushroom that it's her husband. I'll see if I have it and e-mail it to you. I'm glad the doc says all is fine although if he continues to look yellow keep pushing ok?
Thinking of you. Hugs to you.

Mrs M@sk said...

I hope the yellow eyes aren't a sign of something serious. The cemetary pecker would be a lovely gift to leave for all the lonely old ladies who may happen to wander by :P