Friday, 27 April 2007

Folic Acid.

Today I bought some folic acid. I felt purposeful.

Also I received a DVD on the various treatments that Westmead Fertility Centre has to offer. Giddy up.


Von said...

Ah, the silent husband.

Yes, familiar with that. My husband had a very funny reaction to our first IVF. As in didn't want to know about it, funny. Which, at the time, wasn't that funny.

He goes very quiet when very stressed and the IVF really freaked him out. Wouldn't talk about it or come with me to the clinic, when he could, or give me any needles etc.

What to do? I'm not sure what to say. You know your husband best so you are the best judge.
I think I did think it was only me going through it and forget about poor old hubby a bit.

We eventually had a good talk about it all and second time round he was much better.

Good Luck.

Mony said...

I found my folic acid from about 4 years ago....and have just started taking it again!

topcat said...

Thanks for your words Von.
Husbands! He's apprehensive and wants to make like an ostrich.
But hey - I'm the one getting poked, prodded, charted and felt up, right!!


topcat said...

Mony - ha! Looks like you'll be dusting that off then! Yay for you.