Sunday, 29 April 2007

Frozone and Dr Google

Seeing gyno tomorrow, make sure everything is as it should be in there.

Have a whole magazine article to write by Wednesday - however all I can seem to think about is making a baby. Or writing about wanting to make said baby. Dreamt last night that I was in the newsagency, looking at all of the different magazines - was suddenly surrounded by pregnant women, who were taking the magazines I wanted away.

Had a Mr Topcat-free weekend ... was really nice! Rained a lot - played Xbox with my 5-year old Tiger. I was Frozone to his Mr Incredible - I would freeze the baddies and he would smash them. Kraft packaged Macaroni and cheese for dinner YUM.

How did I only just realise at the age of 35 that I love my own space every once in a while?

Am pretty sure I'm ovulating right now. Definition of futility? Making sure we do the deed JUST IN CASE a swimmer may escape that snipped and tied vas, and obediently make it's way to my impatient egg. If Dr Google says it can happen, who I am to argue?

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