Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Excuses, McNuggets, and the Telling of Tiger

My goodness, what a long time between drinks ... HA!! Sorry I have been remiss in the posting arena - a) my internet has been dodgy b) school holidays and c) a dog ate my homework. Actually, I've been thinking a lot of my previous post, and how it all just came bursting out. Thanks to you who left such warm, accepting and uplifting comments. It helps me stay true to myself and not be so ashamed of my past.

I notice this is my sixty-ninth post. 69 heh heh. Poor Mr TC has had no action in that department since my follicles were ripe and juicy and ready for the plucking. Parched indeed!

Apparently, I still have the tiny embie on board. 5 more sleeps until my scan, the sweet, glorious scan of enlightenment. I cannot WAIT. But wait I must. I have symptoms - on and off. I've felt brief periods of nausea. My new favourite meal is from McD0nalds (or, as Tiger would say, McDomino's) ...... consisting of a six pack of nuggets laid neatly sandwiched inside a quarter pounder. Thank God the nearest outlet is 40 minutes away, or I'd eat it every day. Also, I've laid right off the chocolate and am going for anything salty and tasty. Hormones have kicked in too ...... poor, poor Mr TC. He's away for 10 days at the moment (RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!) I always blamed my intense feelings of anger during my time carrying Tiger on the fact that I was oly 4 months clean & sober. That seems not to be the case at all. I am an angry, moody psycho. Must maintain an exercise regime. Maybe meditation. Maybe a locked cupboard.

Of course, every morning I wake up and do NOT feel preggers in the slightest. Trying not to get upset or worried so much. Mr TC rang this morning from his African drumming camp - I told him my concerns. In his wonderfully blunt way, he said "Look hon, you're past the point of am I, aren't I. You definitely are - and if there's something wrong and the baby is deformed, well, we wouldn't want it born anyway so it's all for the best".

It appears I strangely felt better after that.

I finally have told Tiger. We were swimming at a pool, no-one else was there so I thought it was a good a time as any. He couldn't believe it, he was so, so excited. "Can I name it? I know - let's call it ... ummm .... ummmm," looking around at the pool and spa "Let's call it swimmer!" Considering the state of his fathers very own swimmers ... it was quite apt indeed. He thinks he can feel it kicking already, and kisses it hello in the mornings. He wants it to be a boy so he can put it's hat on backwards and teach it to "Peace Out, Y'all".

LOTS of people now know. I'm uneasy about it - but I'm seriously showing so much! I think that's a good sign, it's already making it's presence known in the world. I desperately hope that I don't have to untell people. I've made a pact with myself that if I see the beating heart next week, that's it. No more ridiculous, unhealthy, obsessive worrying about if it's still alive.

I'm still shocked and surprised by this - I can picture myself turning to hubby during it's Bridal Waltz, saying "I can't BELIEVE you had sperm!!!"


Von said...

How nice to hear from you. You're so sweet. I was dreaming about you last night. How funny is that?
Glad to hear all is well. You had me worried.........

Fertilize Me said...

YAH!! I miss you posting pics ..lets see that baby belly!! and i think tiger has a great idea ..i like the name swimmer ;)

Geohde said...

I can't wait for that scan either.

Vicariously pregnant woman here (well if *I* can't do it, I'm very glad that you can!)!

Gemini Girl said...

Hey lady- nice to have you back!

when I was 7 weeks I was so bloated that it was starting to be noticed by those around me. I got the looks.

You will be fine- I am sure of it. Its so sweet that tiger kisses yoru belly in the mornings (sounds like my hubby).

Chas said...

I once knew a girl whose parents told her five year old brother that he could name the forward nine months and the boy didn't get the little brother he'd hoped for...he'd already planned to name his new brother "Patrick" to get her back for being a girl he named her Patrick anyway, and that's her name to this day. I've always been shocked that her parents didn't intervene.

Angie said...

Looking forward to the good scan news.

Amanda said...

I'm sorry I didn't take the time to comment on your other post. It was beautiful...truly. As far as to be ashamed or to not be ashamed of your past...Without your past you would not be who you are today or where you are today. :-)

I'm diggin' the nickname swimmer! Definitely fits!

(Oh yeah, I'm in the same boat as geohde!)

Frank N. Beans said...

Maybe "Swimmer" can be the middle name?

Tiger has the makings of a fine big brother!

Stacie said...

Swimmer is a great name! Tiger know his stuff!

I am still so happy for you all!