Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Kevin says Sorry, Mr TC still disgusting

Please give some love and support to Jen who just got some really terrible news. And also Sweetest Vee. I don't know what to say, but I'm sending you all my love and support.

Wow. I'm pretty proud of the new Prime Minister of Australia today. On his first day on the job, he did something that took the previous government eleven long years to avoid. Bravo.

I have a midwife appointment today at 4pm, which I'm really glad about. I haven't seen Monkey on an ultrasound for nine weeks!!! Not that I'll be getting an ultrasound, but I'll definitely be asking about one soon. Today I feel terrible, achy, lower backpain and some sharp cramping. So the timing of my appointment is ideal, and will hopefully put my worries to rest. I have my appointments at the midwives clinic in the local hospital - in the childrens ward, where Monkey will be born! It's unbelievable to go there and think that hopefully I will be in there in May, with a tiny newborn.

I've been thinking about my irrational fears, and realise I'm soaking up all of Mr TCs worry. I wish he was more happy about it. - he seems to be getting better, actually. I know what a proud Leo he is, he will be stoked once the baby is a baby and not just a bump that keeps scaring the shit out of him. All he thinks is ... he's too old, it's set my career back, loading up the pram in the car, limited social calender, feedings, etc. I'm making a conscious effort to remember how long I have wanted this, and how scary it was to realise it may never happen. Sometimes I wish I could just show Mr TC all of these amazing blogs out there, filled with people who struggle and yearn to have children. But that would mean blowing my own cover. He really is an example of how ignorant 'fertile' people can be.

Yesterday morning he walked over to my side of the bed, I had been reading a magazine called "My Child." He goes 'Awww, my child.' I corrected him, and said "OUR child!!!!" He jumped on the bed and felt my tummy with a lot of love, and told me that he's starting to feel ok about it all, and even a little excited. Hooray! He can be so warm and lovely. Contrast was this morning, when I told him that Fergie might be up the duff. His response? "Ooooh, she must be getting a lot of arse roots." I said where the hell did that come from? He just laughed, and said she just looked like the type that would be into that. It appears I am married to possibly the most vulgar man on earth. Scary thing? We make a great couple.


Fertilize Me said...

good luck with your appointment. Mr TC will get used to it all!

SaraS-P said...

Okay, from what I have recently learned about Aussie/Brit lingo, I believe Mr. TC is saying fergie enjoys getting it up the you-know-what. OH my! In the states, arse roots would mean some kind of anal growth or something...ewww.

Oh yeah, and best of luck with the u/s!

Gemini Girl said...

"up the duff" "arse roots".....

you aussies have such funny expressions!

Glad mr tc is feeling better about it... once he sees that precious face, he will be so in love!

TOPCAT- You have yet to say if the baby's sex will be a surprise. You know I am DYING to know. I am so snoopy!

Jen said...

Thanks for your kind words. Good luck with your appointment

Geohde said...

Mr TC sounds rather like my husaband.....Mine says stuff like that out LOUD in PUBLIC ferchrissakes!


Stacie said...

Glad that hubby is finally getting excited about the baby! That was a great mental picture of him rubbing your belly. Very sweet.

And vulgar is not always a bad thing, is it? :-)