Friday, 1 February 2008

I think i'm nuts .....

My 100th post!!! A blogging centenararian!

My sister Rex asked me this morning why I haven't updated - I said because i have been LOSING MY MIND, and I had to wait to catch a wave back into the shore of rationality. Mr TC is impatiently waiting for me in the next room; we are about to go away for a friends 40th birthday weekend at a beach house down the south coast.

So, I'm sorry this is so quick - but I'm here, I'm alive, Monkey is fine. (Though had a bit of a freakout last week, more about that later). My stepson is NOT moving back in to our house this week; I am not leaving my husband; and I will not be smoking 300 cigarettes/drinking 5 bottles of scotch/shooting up cocaine anytime soon. Seriously - I don't even LIKE scotch.

I leave you with the story of how, one early morning recently, I felt Monkey kicking. Sitting next to Tiger on the couch, I grabbed his hand so he could feel it. He said he did, but pulled his hand away quickly. Later that night we were all out to dinner, and I proudly said that Tiger was the first person to feel the baby move. Well, umm - apparently I badly needed a bikini wax, for Tiger pipes up with "Yeah, and I felt mummys balls."

I don't know what's worse - poor Tiger being scarred from touching my pubic hair, or him thinking that I have testicles.


Fertilize Me said...

First off - I am glad things are resuming to some state of normal for you and the Mr TC! as for your poor son - hahahah I cant stop laughing

Chas said...

Haha! Your kid touched your pubes..hopefully he's young enough to forget!!

Angie said...

Haha! Too cute!

Geohde said...

Cocaine on the other hand is very nice.....just kidding ;)

Congrats on your 100th post my dear,

(I hope I clicked on the right post to comment or this will seem very odd!)


Stacie said...

Maybe you subconsciously have pubes on the brain lately? Seems like they are popping up everywhere! :-)

What is this freakout all about? How cruel of you to toss that out there like that and leave us hanging...

And I just wanted to say that I am stranded out in the sea of insanity, too. Kindly drop by and pick me up when you catch your wave back--otherwise, who knows when I'll return!

Sending love and hugs as always!

A said...

Congrats on your 100th post! As always, you are hilarious!

I truly hope you're able to find some peace real soon. <3