Monday, 10 December 2007


Ahh! I'm sitting in a skanky little internet cafe with eleven minutes left to post. I need to wash my hands as soon as I get out of here. Mr TC has broken our modem, so I have been computerless for days. The agony! It's like being back in the "olden days", as my stepson would say. So, here's a few ramblings ...

I have been worried again this week, just didn't 'feel' pregnant anymore and nearly had to take myself to a doctor to at least hear the heartbeat and placate my neurotica. But I pulled myself together, built a bridge, and got over it. I rang my sister and said "The baby's back again!" And Monkey is! I can feel - movement in there, I swear. Systematic kicking, actually. Next scan is Friday week, can't wait.

I have the mother of all posts coming up. About ... my mother. I've purposely not mentioned her that much, but the dam seems to have burst and I suddenly have a lot to say. I apologise for the torrent in advance.

Ummmm, five minutes left ..... let's see, I have back fat and armfat, thanks to all of the cravings I have given in to. Food. Tastes. So. Good. Mr TC is a well built guy - but he goes "Hon!! You're eating more than me!!" (That is SERIOUSLY saying something) I looked up from my second hotdog loaded with tomato sauce and mustard and remind him that food is my new porn. (As opposed to my old porn, which was just ... well, porn, but that's what crashed my computer last year and isn't it funny what comes up when you write stream of conscious!!!)

Cannot WAIT for Christmas, we are so excited to see stepson and stepdaughter. A big family do, than Chrissie day just us, then fly to New Zealand on Boxing Day ... for 2 weeks!! I really need to write a will - if we die in a plane crash, at least we'll all die together and won't leave anyone orphans. See what I do? I have an amazing holiday coming up and I've already pre-empted the plane crash. Bearing in mind, I've already thought that if the scan is not good next week I will be cancelling Christmas and going NOWHERE. Sometimes my glass isn't half empty ... it's actually a few drops of piss being held in a paper cup with holes in it, so the piss is dribbling all over my new shoes.


Geohde said...

Oh no, busted modem? That would be a special kind of torture for me.

Have you got a little football player in utero or is it just all the energy courtesy of the back-fat-erific food giving the little bugger ideas? :)

Wishing you the very best of news about your little uterine athlete at your next scan



Fertilize Me said...

I am glad that Monkey is thriving and you can feel the movements.

As for thoughts of insanity- I am not as far along as you - and i blame them on years of trying and IF and my given history -if you want to borrow that excuse, be my guest. hoping for a great scan results so christmas isn't canceled

Von said...

WOW, you can feel Monkey kicking. So cool. Can't wait for that myself.
I am sure he/she is thriving in there so there will be no need to cancel Christmas. You'll have a wonderful time in NZ. Lovely country.
Soooooo exciting.