Friday, 16 November 2007

Laughing in the Face of High Risk ..... a Belly Shot!!

So. What do you do when told of stupid high risk, and you're faced with an amnio? Post your first ever belly pic, google prams, and book in for an 18 weeks ultrasound! Yes. The future is here and it's name is Happy. I will be happy, damn it - through gritted teeth, I am not sinking down to the ground like the melting Wicked Witch, wailing and crying. I'm going to stay as positive as my 27 pee sticks were, back in August. Take that, scaremongering doctor!!

I really do feel ok today - debating whether to even have the amnio. But, alas, I know me too well. I am more scared of the amnio than having a positive trisonomy result! Here's a great idea, doctors - DEVELOP A BETTER NUCHAL SCAN, to lower the chance of a false positive. When the doc was actually doing the u/s the other day, he measured the fold (I actually forget what the number was, d'oh!) - and he said "Ok, that's totally within normal range. And there are no variations on normal." Ha - apparently there is!

Anyway - thanks for the bloody fantastic comments. Below is a belly shot that I took yesterday morning - my face looks crap because I had just stopped crying. Can you believe how big I am? It's weird - I thought I would stride down the street and be out and proud, but I feel a bit protective and always cover it up. (I only wear that dress at home, not out!) Strange too - lucky bitch that I was falling preggo on the first go of IVF, my belly is actually getting smaller as time goes on, because of the case of the mutantly massive follicles. Did you know they burst of their own accord? Ewwww!

Much love to everyone - to Mony, Maya, Stacie and Angie, who have all had their precious bubs! Well done, I am hoping and praying for you, especially to those little ones still in hospital. Godspeed. xoxoxo


Holy crap! I think I'm a bit pregnant!


Mony said...

Fuck. I just read about your nuchal. That stupid, stupid test. Remember I had a 1 in 24 result back with Cooper....I understand your anxiety about the amnio. It's such a horrible position to be in. God, honey. I can only say draw strength off the many other bloggers who survived the amnio & now have perfect babies.
You look FINE, btw.

The Dunn Family said...

You look awesome! Be so proud of that sexy pregnant bod!

Stacie said...

You are beautiful (and just a little bit pregnant, too)!

Screw the NT results and screw the amnio...just enjoy that baby you are creating!


Fertilize Me said...


Geohde said...

Lookin' good mz TC.

For the record (in defence of the normal looking nuchal) the risk result is a combination of that level AND your blood markers. You can have a normal nuchal and high blood markers, OR normal markers and a high NT OR both, it's combined risk :)

(dang, you look preeegnant!)



anna said...

Wow! You have every reason to be are one hot mama! You put my mumus to shame that I wear around the house!

Chas said...

Dang! You look great!! I'm going to have to agree w/ Stace and say screw both the test and the amnio. Just move forward w/ this much wanted pregnancy!!

JJ said...

Arent you the CUTEST ;)

Gemini Girl said...

omg look how pg you are! what a beautiful thing. dont forget how surprised u were to discover your husband super sperm! so happy for you!

nancy said...

omg - you are so super cute. You look like a derby girl!!! Okay, minus the belly!

Von said...

I'm back................
Just a minor blip on the radar.
Have never ever heard of m/c's following an amino. It's just one of the risks they have to tell you about to cover their arses.
I have to a bunch of bloods this week for the same. It's not a nice feeling but am trying not to think about it.
I am certain all will be well for you and that belly of yours will keep growing and growing.

SaraS-P said...

You are more than a bit pregnant.

Allformybaby said...

I ran into the same stupid test results and everything looks super with the baby-read my blog for details!! I have three months to go and everyone thinks I am ready to pop! Frusterating that I don't look "cute" pregnant anymore just "omg you look worn out" pregnant. You look cute kitty!!
As for the amnio, we opted not to do it, there was no point because we weren't going to do anything about it anyway. However, my OB Dr made a lot of sense when I asked him about the whole "false postive thing". He said that it maybe nothing wrong with the baby at all, maybe it is the placenta, maybe your body's reaction to the pregnancy. Something set it off so we are just going to keep close tabs on you and the baby. Which is fine with me, I love attention. Especially when it gets me the sweet look at the baby once a month. I love that!!