Thursday, 20 March 2008

I have a date ..

I met Dr Eyelashes, who will be performing a c-section on me ... on the 13th May. In less than 8 weeks. Wow. I'll be seeing him every two weeks now, as he told me I'm a 'high-risk' pregnancy. (IVF plus C-section). I asked him the most silliest question - "So, do you have to take out any organs before you get in there and get the baby?" He couldn't hide his laughter, and said no. "Great. So no intestines sitting in a dish anytime soon?" I think he liked me.

I haven't seen Monkey on ultrasound since the 18week scan, and it's not procedure to do any more. I told him I had cramping (forgot to mention I knew full well they were from gas ...) but he still doesn't think an ultrasound is a good idea. So I have to go cold turkey!! How will I cope?? Mr TC does NOT want me having another ultrasound at all, he says we've come so far without knowing the sex, and we'd most probably find out. But .... but .... I just wanted to make sure everything is ok in there. What if, Monkey is, indeed, a Monkey?? Sigh. I guess I can wait.

A week from now, Mr TC is taking Tiger halfway across Australia to visit stepson and stepdaughter. I feel worried about it already, I just hope they make it back unscathed. It's like I have this protective/please stay at home thing going on. I'll have four days to myself, I will eat too much, stay up late watching TV, sleep a lot, and turn into a bachelor. A pregnant one. They are going to stay at Mr TCs ex's house. Which I'm totally cool with. As long as Tiger feels safe and is ok, I'm totally cool with it. I said to Mr TC "So, you do realise this makes me Ashton Kutcher?"


Chas said...

Are you going to eventually do one of those polls where we all get to guess the baby's sex, weight, length, etc.???

Topcat said...

Chas - actually I am!! I will be holding a competition, and the winner even wins a prize! xo

Fertilized said...

Ashton Kuthcer commetn made me laugh!! So funny - good luck to you , mr tc and tiger on that "time away" vacation

Oh I can't wait to see Monkey!

Gemini Girl said...

finally a post! where have you been lady?

wait there are prizes involved? Ok, I guess boy. or girl. One of them.

I would sooooooo not be cool with hubby staying over ex. I def trust him, but I would just not like the thought of it. You are too cool for school.

May 13th! My girls were born on nov 13th... they will be exaactly 6 months a part. If you have a boy, he will have two ladies to choose from.

Geohde said...

So soon, eh??

Your pregnancy has flown by!


ultimatejourney said...

Wow, a date already! You're getting so close to the end!

Mony said...

A date!
Holy shit! That is wild! We can start counting down...I am guessing a GIRL.
49 cms long & 6 pound 5 ounces.

Angie said...

Wow, that's getting real close!