Monday, 3 March 2008

Peace, Baby

When I was a child, I HATED being stared at. Loathed it. My sisters will read that and smile - God I hated when people used to stare at me. It wouldn't happen often, and would usually be some kid my own age, just staring me out in a shopping centre or something for the hell of it. Well, I still hate it. And now, the combination of a third trimester belly, coupled with a hormonal head ..... today I got more starers, commenters, and BELLY TOUCHERS than I can believe. I behaved myself, though. Barely.

Case One:

I walk in to the post office this morning and the chick behind the counter goes "Ooooooh, haven't you popped out!!" - in front of the whole queue, who then all turned to stare at me. I wanted to say to her "So's your face." But I just smiled sweetly.

Case Two:

A woman I hardly even know walked up to me in a cafe and greets me with "Well hello, fatty." Again, the 'so's your face' crossed my mind but I answered her silly questions with grace.

Case Three:

A woman I DON'T EVEN KNOW ...... a STRANGER, touched my belly in the street!! Grabbed my pregnant tummy and HELD it, for fucks sake. Asking me is it a boy or a girl. She knew she'd overstepped the line though - my fuck off vibes were strong enough to wilt some nearby flowers.


Fertilize Me said...

so glad to hear that your meeting with mum went well and that yuo are working through things.

WTF strangers .. seriously! NO

Gemini Girl said...

Well, that's why when you put them in their car seats and take them for a ride, they fall asleep. The movement soothes them. That's what happened yesterday when we took out the girls- of course, they drove us crazy once the got home.

Im glad you had the convo with mom. It must have brought up so much anger and past resentment. At least she is seeking therapy. My mom says I'm crazy and then goes on to say "Well, that's why you went to therapy- your crazy".... umm, no mom. I went to therapy bec you scarred me, which may have made me dysfuntional, but the therapy made me better. Of course, try to explain that to her.

Oh, and I hate beng stared at too. The problem? I am now a celebrity. Parents of twins often are. everyone stops us and stares. Be thankful your not having twins- or you would have many many more eyes on you.

BTW- I feel like your having a girl. any names picked out?

SaraS-P said...

I should start selling a maternity shirt that says, "Get your hands off my belly." Sounds like it would sell well.

Evil Stepmonster said...

Glad to hear the weekend went well.

I believe that most airlines let you fly until you are 35 weeks. 32 weeks with multiples.

Geohde said...

I've only had belly grabs from friends thus far. That I can handle. Strangers??? Creepy,


Lori said...

Can I touch your monkey?

I'm sensing some vibes...

Stacie said...

TC--it sounds like things went better than expected with your mom. That is always a good thing. It also sounds promising that she is willing to talk with you about all of the emotions you feel. Hoping that goes just as well or better than this meeting!

Can you believe the nerve of people? I missed a lot of that because I was on bedrest, but I did get a little from friends. I don't like being the center of attention either, so that was really uncomfortable. (OMG-the shower was hard for the same reason)

Glad MR. TC is starting to look forward to the baby. I was hoping he would come around!

I get a boy that means I am in competition with Gemini Girl! :-) Funny how we each chose the gender we had!

The Dunn Family said...

I'm so glad the meeting with your mum was better than expected. It's very hard to do what you did, to confront your mother like that, but in some ways it was probably harder for her to sit there and take it. I'm glad that she is going to try and deal with each of you on your own and hopefully you can all get to a better place together.

It's odd how so many people think a pregnant belly is communal property. People are nuts!

A said...

I'm so glad that things went so well with your mom. I hope they continue to get better.

You crack me up! I'd never thought about the baby waking up at night and wanting to poke back. Hahaha!