Friday, 9 May 2008

Still Here

I'm officially excited and ready. I feel ready.

Last night I dreamt that it was in the middle of my c-section ... and I told the doctors to hang on, while I sat up and took photos. Then the baby came out, and my nipples were silver taps that I turned and lemonade came out. The baby sucked those taps dry, and I felt so proud!

My laptop has totally died in the arse. I am upstairs on Mr TCs computer, 'just downloading some pics'. (Ahem).

I just want to soak up every last drop of being pregnant now, as I will never be again. I keep thinking man, how am I going to look after the baby with such a big belly in the way? But the baby IS the belly. Oh my God ... THE BABY IS THE BELLY. Shit. I'm so freaking excited to meet it. I'm thinking the name Ramona for a girl. I used to read the books when I was a kid, but I have never met someone with that name. I love it. (Hey Mony - I could call her Mony HA!!)

But, my gut still tells me it's a boy. When people ask me if I know what it is, I've started saying "Well, we're pretty sure it's a baby!" Hilarious I know.

I bought cupcakes home for dessert .... and forgot about them! Only remembered the next day! That is SERIOUS pregnancy brain, to forget cupcakes. I've also forgotten my home phone number - oh, and thrown the brand new home phone handset IN THE BIN. It's seriously gone forever. I denied it, but hubbie SO knows it was me. Oopsies.

I can't believe my tickers. I would look at other pregnancy tickers with awe, and envy. And now mine are nearly finished. From 'a grain of rice', to 'ready to come out.' I can't believe we were all in wombs ourselves. I can't believe my luck.

I have to go, but I will try to update with a few pics soon.



Chas said...

You crack me up with every post! Lemonade taps on the ends of your

I actually love the name Ramona. My childhood best friend's mother's name is Ramona. She goes by Mona, but I actually prefer Mony...I think that's very cute. I could see a little girl named Mony being just as wild as you!

Gemini Girl said...

I am so happy for you- I am so sharing in the joy of this.

So glad you have made it this far tc. Monkey will be here soon! Yeahy! Truly enjoy the last few days of sleep.

Lemonade nipples. How awesome.

Gemini Girl said...

BTW- What's the boys name- bec you know its a boy.

Mony said...

OMG! I thought that straight away! Another Mony! I love Ramona! And think...she can sing "My Ramona" instead of "My Sharona" she'll be the coolest kid at the blue light.
So, so excited TC!

anna said...

You're almost there- yey!!! I love the name Ramona as well. Who knows- maybe the baby will be a girl!

Stacie said...

I am amazed that your pregnancy seemed to go by so quickly! Wasn't it just yesterday that you started meds for IVF? :-) I am truly happy for you, TC. Your little Monkey, where you have a boy or a girl (I lean toward boy, too, and you could go with Roman), is one lucky little one to have you for a mom. I seriously mean that. You are sensitive, loving, crazy, and fun--such a great mix of things!

Thank you for letting us join you for the ride. I know the ride of parenthood to your two little ones will be just as fun to read about!

Much love your way,

P.S. You seriously need to post something every day, or I totally think you are at the hospital delivering Monkey. My emotions can't take it! I don't care if you only write one word, just do something so I know that we're still waiting and the big show hasn't starte yet...

The Dunn Family said...

I also feel like your pregnancy has flown by! I'm sure it hasn't felt like that to you though ... I'm so excited for you! And I have no reason at all for saying that for some reason, I see you having a girl. And I loved those Ramona books!