Thursday, 18 December 2008

3dp Best News Ev-ah

Oh my goodness ...... these boys!


I am so happy these days I can hardly stand it. I'm letting myself feel joy and elation and love. It's seeping through all the cracks and shadows. We are all renewed. Monkey has started sleeping through. He is so happy. Coincidence? I don't think so.

He does so many little cute things I am only just noticing. He will eat us out of house and home ... look, he even eats his pram if I don't feed him enough! -

He seriously loves his food .... exactly like his father. He is seven months old today, and for three months already he has been eating proper solid food, three times a day. Haven't told too many people that, as some pooh-pooh it. But, I couldn't NOT feed him. He was hungry! He would watch us eat and squirm and get so cranky. Sometimes he gets so freaking hungry, that he starts crying before he's even swallowed his next spoonful! I've lost count of all the food he has tried ... pumpkin, corn, carrots, squash, lentils, chicken, beef, apple, pears, banana, yogurt, custard, leek, you name it. Why look ... in this next pic, he is a BABY POSSESSED -

"Give me the food. Give me the goddamn food and no-one gets hurt!"

"Mmmmmm. Uh huh. Oh yeah. Do it to me DO IT. This. Is. The Shit. Well, it will be in a few hours HA!" -


Thank you, thank you, for your love and support. I have something to share with you all, soon.
I have changed forever. This year - has marked me in a way that will never be undone. NEW battlescars, to match the old ones! Not feel so afraid.



Almamay said...

Great photos! Monkey is a strapping baby and does look like he loves his food.

Still glowing here with your news. Enjoy it for all it is worth. You both have worked so hard for it.

bleu said...

It is so wonderful to hear the joy in your writing now.

Monkey DOES look possessed in such an adorable way.

Love to all.

Wordgirl said...


Oh my beautiful, funny, lovely Topcat

And I looooove those pictures of Monkey -- and damn it its summer where you are -- and its so so so so cold here.

I am so happy for you guys -- revel in it lady -- you all deserve it!


Love as always,


areyoukiddingme said...

Love that summation: when we are good, we are very good, but when we are bad we want to kill each other with our bare hands. Sums up my marriage pretty well too! Good thing for love...

And, I have to agree: You are incredibly blessed - and incredibly strong to survive the year intact.

chicklet said...

I don't come here nearly as often as I should. Every time I do I remember how much I like your writing. Obviously this one was a happy post, but even your snarky ones I love. I need to come back more often:-)

And the possessed baby pic rocks!

Lori said...

Ummm, there's a little something on the chin....

Seriously, happiness is good on you!

kateypie35 said...

Its so nice to hear the happiness...I am glad to be here to support during the yuckines....but the happiness is much nicer!

That kid is lovin' that puree something FIERCE...

Pixxiee said...

Wondering what the something you have to share with us is? Loving the pics of Monkey - possessed baby indeed. And so glad, so very glad, that you guys have come through all this and are in a much better place. You've been incredibly strong. Give yourself many kudos for that. Read back on some of your posts and realise just how far you have come.

Love and hugs from Kiwiland

Beautiful Mess said...

Oh Topcat, I am SO happy for you! It's such an amazing thing to come out of a black hole of depression and SEE the life going on around you.
Love the pictures.."baby want FOOD!" My son was like that, too. ALWAYS. EATING!!!

Anonymous said...

I just roared at the pictures of Monkey eating...that is SO SAM. He says "ah!" with his mouth wide open when he wants more food. If we are not quick enough it's a scream: "AHHHHHH!!" with a finger pointing to his gaping maw, as if he's trying to say "Put it IN already! I AM SO HUNGRY!" Even though he's just housed 3 oz. of bananas or whatever. These two, I'm telling you.

Life, love and've got it all babe. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more. It makes my heart swell to see you so happy after that long, dark night of the soul. Welcome to your Spring!


nancy said...

enjoy the good topcat. enjoy it.

OHN said...

Dammit Topcat! I am smiling and it is all your fault.

MrsSpock said...

You sound like a 10 ten weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

Money looks like he's been attacked by the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

We tried chicken with J two days ago. He took 2 tastes and the projectile vomited a la The Exorcist. I am in awe of everything Monkey eats.

Cibele said...

I just read about the fantastic news.... I am so happy for you!!!!! Monkey is too cute

Vee said...

I love this post. I am so happy that you are so happy !
I can see you are beaming. Your boys are just way too cute.

A Free Man said...

The third picture - just fantastic!

I was at a meeting today and the word gratitude kept smacking me in the face. Sometimes I need those kind of smacks to remind me to be GRATEFUL dammit. This post was a nice smack.

Amanda said...

Are you sure you're not mixing in some fertilizer with the food. That baby is getting so big!!!

Your boys are absolutely beautiful!