Monday, 22 December 2008

Dec 2008 .....with a Bullet

My new digs. You visited. Thank you.
Oh my God thank you so much for your emails - AMAZING EMAILS. I had no idea, that all of you people living in Constantinople were there, reading along. All with your own stories - of heartache when your own hubby died ... or your son with addiction ... or your battles with babymaking. And I loved finding out your real names too ... how weird is it! Plus, some people even sent PHOTOS. Fucking awesome.

Tee and Rex have built up their own relationships with stepson, and love him like one of their own. We are spending the nights at Tees and going to Rexs house on Christmas day. There will MUCH revelry and laughter.

I have a migraine, Monkey just had canned custard for lunch, and Tiger and I are eating processed potato in the shape of smily faces. I have writing work to finish off. I STINK of B.O. .... I need botox under my armpits, to stop the sweating. I might have to accidentally put my face under the botox needle heh. My house is a mess and I have piles of wet washing to hang out. The Christmas tree is DEAD, Long Live the Christmas Tree. I need to repaint my toes, shave my legs, build a gingerbread house, change Monkeys nappy, and take Tiger to the park.

I love all of you.

I utterly adore the living hell out of my brother ... but suddenly I have more sisters than I ever thought possible.



OHN said...

Of all the things you listed as things you needed to do, changing Monkeys nappy is the only one that really needs to get done. You don't want your BO and his nappy challenging each other for worst smell. :)

Wordgirl said...

OHn's comment made me snort coffee out of my nose...

You do, you know, sisters way out here in the world...

Oy and the mother of stepkids -- how I know this particular mess well --

Your stepkids are going to be completely changed because of you -- and thank God for that...

I can't wait to hear about the wonderful family Christmas festivities...

Off to write xmas cards...supposedly -- do you think I'll actually get them done? Mn perhaps more blog reading -- and coffee -- did I mention its like 11 below with a 30 below windchill? Why don't I live in Australia.



Anonymous said...

It was completely weird to read your new digs - I set it up in the RSS, and I clicked it over and the names (real names) were not clicking - then I saw your photo and I said hey, I know her!!

Here's my tip - Certain Dri will make you never sweat again. You have to get the roll-on kind. It may sting the first couple of times but it's like magic. If you want to try it and you can't get it there just tell me and I will mail you some.


battynurse said...

It was interesting to read your new blog.
That really sucks about Mr. TC's ex using the kids to mess with him. I hate it when people do that as it's so hard on the kids. I hope it gets better but know it may not.
Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Beautiful Mess said...

I have dreamed about botox in my armpits for YEARS! THAT would be sooo nice!

Natika said...

Don't you love ex-wives?
I'm a great ex! My Ex is even coming to our house for Christmas. We have kids in common so we do things as extended families. One thing I always ask myself though...How did I ever have sex with that man? EWWWWW!

nancygrayce said...

we have an ex too! I actually teasingly call her my wife-in-law! Luckily for all, she just gave the kids to my he and I have raised them. It is so terrible for the kids when they are used like pawns in the back and forth stuff. Just keep smiling when you have to deal with her, they hate that!

Merry Christmas

nancy said...

You know, at least your life isn't boring.

Amanda said...

Like Wordgirl said, your stepkids are going to be better people for having you in their lives. No matter how "fruitcake"-ish you think your brain is, I think it's pretty freaking amazing. All you've been through...and made it to the other It takes a hell of a person, that's for sure.

I hope the evil ex gets what she deserves and that Mr. TC's daughter is free to love her Daddy very soon.