Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Cleanup on Aisle 10

In Coles the other day, I got to thinking ..... why the fuck is the tampon section right next to the baby section? That's just plain mean.

My period came late on the Sunday night of a long weekend, so obviously I'm not starting this tiny, easy-peasy piece of cake that is IVF this month. I'm thinking it could be in July. Here's hoping. I need to call my RE and tell her that we have been advised hubbie doesn't need a trial MESA. Hopefully it's my decision???

I think I'm ready: RE Doctor? Check. Manic googling? Check. BCP prescription? Check. My very own (in)fertility blog? PRICELESS.

1 comment:

Von said...

Or the pregnancy tests beside the tampax. Jesus.

Well you seem ready and set. All you need now is the GO. Soon, very soon.

See you when I get back from hols.