Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Comedy of Errors

A funny thing happened on the way to filling my BCP prescription today.... I handed over my form, went back about 15 mins later ... and they had lost it. Totally. Lost. My. Prescription.

Now, I'm very, very big on signs. After about 10 minutes of the seven chemist staff looking high and low, and me spelling out my last name, maiden name, and middle name, just for good measure ... I started to tear up, thinking... "Is this my sign? After all the bullshit waiting - now I can't even fill a simple prescription? Should I just give up now, slink into the Katoomba fog and delete my blog and plan an overseas trip and apply for that big job, Mr TC wouldn't mind either way as his kid quota is well and truly done; I can't believe this, WTF!!" I nearly ran over to the head honcho to yell "LISTEN HERE - THIS IS FOR IVF - IV FUCKING F AND I HAD TO WAIT 3 YEARS TO GET HERE. THIS IS NOT FOR BIRTH CONTROL IT IS FOR BIRTH!! WHERE IS MY FREAKING PRESCRIPTION!!!"

Half an hour later - I left, calmed down with a coffee, then went back - they found it, it had slipped behind the computer. Crisis averted, phew.

Just another hurdle to jump; in this crazy marathon.

It's snowing here tonight, hopefully the wind will die down so it can settle overnight. The snow makes the cold worthwhile.

Way to go Vee, Max and lil Crumpet! Woo-hoo! xoxooxooxxoxox


Angie said...

OMG! That's ridiculous! As if you didn't have enough to deal with? I'm glad they find it and you got your pills. Wishing you all the best this cycle!

Mony said...

Oh gawd.
That didn't really happen. Did it? Oh, we've gotta laugh! Gotta!
I saw the forecast for Katoomba yesterday & can I say Brrrrrr? I thought of you straight away.

Carlynn said...

Good for you for going back. I would have stormed out of there and never darkened their door again (fortunately there is a pharmacy on every corner here because I have done this twice). Good luck for the IVF.

Imogen and David said...

ARGH! Unbelievable.

Gemini Girl said...

Do you know how hot it is in NY? The humidity is fro-ing up my hair and the subway lost power last night. I still think its nuts how one side of the world it freezing while another side is melting.

Yeahy- your starting bcp's! You are on your way!


Vee said...

Argh Geez I would have been really peeved !

Aaaw Thanks for you well wishes :)