Friday, 8 June 2007

The Good, Bad, and Waiting.

We have been told that Mr TCs chemo drugs and injections would not have affected his sperm, so a trial MESA will not be necessary. That is good. I have been told that my pre-existing medical condition may be a factor, so I need to seek more thorough advice before starting any IVF treatment. That is not so good.

So, we still don't have the go-ahead to start in June like I wanted to. But at least I have a bit of hope back that maybe we CAN start, sometime in the near future. Possibly even July. I've been so very apprehensive about actually starting (PIO shots freaking me out, loooong way to travel for bloods and U/S's, raging hormones, etc) - but after all the waiting, I guess when time comes I'll be wanting to just Bring. It. On.


Mony said...

A new day. A new emotion. Isn't it fun?
Hoorah for "Can Start"....that's wonderful.
Isn't Hef's robot move swanky? V. funny.

PS: Flying High one of my favs. (Keeps Hotdog buns fresh for days)

Von said...

Hi Topcat.

Good news on the hubby front.

The waiting sucks. Always waiting, always waiting. Bloods, scans, results, drugs, news etc. etc.
Having a stress relief plan helps.
Actually I had a brillant idea for you the other day. I know you have your blog but why not also write it all down somewhere. Buy a nice blank book and pour your heart out in there. For the things you don't want to put on the blog. Or maybe that's just me who does that.....
As well as here of course............I have limited internet access at the moment.
Saying that, I am always here checking just not commenting unless I really feel the need.
What I'm trying to say, rather badly, is that I'm always here and if things get really rough and you need a shoulder to cry on, you can have mine.
Not in a lesbian kind of way......


OHN said...

Hi Topcat....just found you and read all your back posts. Welcome to the obsession that is blogging. Until about a year ago I didn't even know what it I spend too much time butting into the lives of all the wonderful, intelligent, bloggers that I can't ignore. As soon as I figure out how to add links to my blog, I will add you to my ever growing list. (Too bad I can't actually get paid for doing this:)