Saturday, 16 June 2007

Dear God,

Hi God,

As You're well aware, I'd really like to have a baby. The desire in me is so strong - SO strong. It's been steadily growing for a long time now. I had to wait for Mr TC's treatment to finish - thank You so much that he made it through and he's ok. I'm grateful for so much in my life, truly. I can feel greedy at times for wanting more - but do I just sit back and cut my losses, and be content with my beautiful Tiger? Or do I strive ahead and give this everything I have?

I have been crying a lot lately because I'm shit scared of starting IVF - but even more shit scared of letting go of my dream. I can't seem to get the go-ahead from the doctors, which leaves me in limbo land. God - I don't like Limboland. It sucks.

So - much as I don't want to ... I am handing it over to You. I hope and pray that there is a baby up there for me. But if there's not ... well ... I need to know. I need to make the right choices here, and I need Your help. I'm not in control of what will happen, but I am in control of my reaction to what happens.

I'd appreciate it if You could make my path a little brighter. Because at the moment I can't see.

And God - please, please let Monys little Hef be ok.

love TC xoxoxoxoxo


Vee said...

Limboland is a difficult place to be.
I hope your prayer is answered.

Regina said...

Hang in there. I can say that I always saw IVF as the holy grail. The be all and end all, and when our first then 2nd full cycle failed I just got so sad and frustrated.

I've been crying a lot lately too.. this little frozen bean has decided to at least try to make a home..

Don't give up, don't be scared... a million celebrity women can't be wrong.. IVF must work!! :-)

topcat said...

Regina - thank you for that! SO true about the million celebrity women!! (I'll just pretend I'm a celebrity ..) Good luck with your lil bean - do you have a blog? xo