Thursday, 7 June 2007

Staying Sane

You know that scene in Flying High where that woman gets hysterical on the plane, and ends up with a whole line of people wanting to smack some sense into her? Holding baseball bats, numchuckers, guns .... I seriously needed to get a grip yesterday - years of pent-up emotion came pouring out. I'm much, much better now. Thank Christ! Thank you so much for the care in your comments, I'm truly touched and grateful.

What has happened to make me feel better? In equal parts, a little bit of:

  • Perspective. I have so much in my life to feel blessed for.

  • Faith. If I have faith as small as a mustard seed, anything is possible.

  • Humour! This has helped me through many a bleak time. (See: Flying High analogy)

  • Coffee, coffee, coffee, soft cheese, and a brand new pair of black winter boots that I bought this morning.

  • Expectation. Anyone want any? It's going cheap!

So I will concentrate on getting my house ready for my twin sisters, their hubbies, and kids who are all coming this weekend. They find the cold "fun". Ha! We are going to see Shrek the Third, go antique shopping, laugh, and just generally enjoy life right now this moment. Waiting on Mr TC's doc to call him today at 1pm, with his opinion on whether his spoof will be ok to procreate another tigercub. Que Sera.

Mony I'm LOVING Hefs Robot!

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Lacy said...

You write very well.