Saturday, 23 June 2007

Unasked, Unprompted, Unabashed.

Fuck it. It's 9.23pm on a Saturday night - what else would one do but tag themselves? Here, in no particular order, are nine random things about moi. *ahem*

1. I am terrified of spiders - more specifically, huntsmans. Eww. Can't even type that without shuddering. I freak out - cry, shake, running screaming from the room, hands in the air. Lucky I live in the MIDDLE OF THE WILDERNESS.

2. I am a gameshow contestant addict. I went on Burgos Catchphrase and won books, a stereo, and a glamour photography session ... in which I ended up looking like a dragqueen. Won a vacuum cleaner on Wheel of Fortune. Both shows I was not carry-over champ, and was bitterly disappointed. Currently waiting to hear back from producers of 100vs1. I auditioned for Big Brother last year - think I was too old. ahem. If there was a gameshow on celebrity gossip I would be champion of the universe, for I am truly addicted to trashy magazines. I mean badly.

3. I worry A LOT. Climate change, terrorism, will I get to heaven, my husband is too busy, if I go to that party tomorrow night I'll miss Greys and it's a cliffhanger. Multiply that by 100 - I worry A LOT.

4. My hubbie has no idea that I blog. He wouldn't even know what a blog is. I don't want him too. The other night we were in bed - he was, umm, being a bit frisky. I was too tired, we were both laughing. I called him a "filthy Tomcat". Fuck it was funny. After a pause, I said "I'm ... Topcat." There was silence as I smiled in the darkness.

5. The pain of my dads suicide was exquisite. For many years I wanted to kill myself too - but it's just the WRONG WAY!! And I had to stay alive for my brother. You can't kill yourself'll miss the ending!!! (Mark Twain says pain, not joy, is the secret source of humour.)

6. I have never worried about my weight.

7. I swear too much, am dreading giving up coffee soon, wish I never gave so many blowjobs. My husband built our house, I have ugly feet, believe Bono and I share the same soul (yes, really), and I'm not half as stupid as I got told I was. I hope to write a novel soon, I hate the saying "it's all good"... no - no, it's not all good. Sometimes it's all fucked. Every Christmas I put Buddha next to Jesus in my nativity set, and wonder what they would talk about. I refuse to hide my light to make others feel better; I love going to the movies by myself; I eat whole blocks of chocolate in a single bound; I will learn to tapdance before I die.


Vee said...

I think you cheated and squeezed a whole lot more into number 9 LOL.

Great to know a bit more about you. I hope that house your husband built has a fireplace, I was speaking to my friend who lives in Katoomba yesterday she said it was bloody freezing.

Max and I addicted to 100 vs 1, I would love to go on it. You will have to let us know if you do.

Carlynn said...

What a great list, I love it, although I am jealous as hell of the skinny genes.

I laughed when I read your line about Buddha and Jesus. I just read someone saying that a great artist was actually not at all interested in talking about art and they carried this idea on to God, saying that perhaps religion is not his main interest either. Perhaps Jesus and Buddha would discuss the weather or what they were doing this week with their friends and family or sporting results or something totally mundane.

Carlynn said...

And your cake? Come on, just one little photo ... please

Loving my cake, by the way, I had it for breakfast, with strawberries so I could kid myself it was healthy!