Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Giddy Up Cowgirls!

Blogging how I love thee, let me count the ways ....

I am at my sisters house in North Bondi, having a rockin time. I stayed at my other sisters house in Coogee last week - spreading myself around. (They are identical twins. We all share the same raucous laugh and filthy humour. Crazy shit.)

I just caught up on everyones blogs. Beautiful Mony has made it thru the other side of a NT scan and amnio - Cabbage Patch kids rock! Welcome back Von! Vee's beta numbers are FANTASTIC, YAY VEE!! Imy and her hubbie David both made films - hilarious! (Try it - so so fun and easy. Link in my sidebar). Akeeyu, Dawn, and Ultimate Journey - their pee sticks are bringing great tidings, from across the baby divide!!

I love feeling connected to such a diverse, funny, heartachingly honest bunch of women. Connected - that's why I began my journey into blogland. So when AF arrives (next week!!) and I go on BCP for the first time since I was 20, I know a little of what to expect. Everything I'm about to go through - by reading all of your insightful and heartfelt experiences, I know a bit of what to expect. (Stims, shots, blood tests, etc.) The not-knowing scares the bejeesus outta me. We live in a world where we (westerners, anyway) have a great deal of control. But here in the IVF/IF world, a whole lot can happen that's not up to us. But oh, the joy of having a baby at the end of it!!! Also - I LOVE reading pregnant blogs. Apart from being genuinely happy for those that have made it over to the other side ....they give me hope, makes me feel excited that maybe, maybe, it's going to happen to me too.

So, in conclusion, I love Bondi, Blogs, and Ballsy Women. Oh, by the way - can someone tell me - do you really have to put your legs in stirrups?? (Please say no please say no ....)


Imogen and David said...

lol, I really want to know if the stirrups thing happens in Australia too :)

Vee said...

LOL , no you don't put your legs in stirrups, they are more like a foot rest. Well at my clinic anyway.

Yay for blogland ! Glad you are having fun. I love Coogee.

Gemini Girl said...

I made a movie too bec of your suggestion.

Hope all is well- not offended that you did not mention me in your blogs ( I did after all have a blog dedicated to you with a picture )

Hope all is well- I was so excited for once in my life to see AF before the BCP's...

Becks said...

North Bondi...brings back memories of a holiday of a lifetime to Oz a few years ago. I just loved Manly beach and the Great Ocean Road.

Anyway, in England we do have mini stirrups, they are moulded leg rests that you put your legs in when you are lying down. Not the most flattering positions but it'll make you chuckle when you're there!

Mony said...

High Five.
RPA has stirrups. I actually got all the way laid up in stirrups and realised I still had my undies on. They had to "release" me to de-undie!! Shows how nervous I was!

Carrie said...

Hi Topcat,
Thank you so much for your comment and for visiting my Blog. I've no idea how to find out who's popped round so it is lovely when someone new says they've been.

I've read your backposts. You've had a fair journey and now the IVF one beginning. I'll be checking back and hoping it is a short and straightforward trip.

As fot the stirrups, hmmm, sort of. A sort of angled chair like device with two leg support things at my clinic. But they do have dimmed lights, now who says there are no nice touches!

Bumble said...

Hey Topcat!! Just wanted to come by and wish you good luck for this cycle, you'll be fine! And no stirrups at my wandings, just wooden foot boards. (Which swing open like barn doors, aaah, the life. x