Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Arse End of the World.

Vale, Saeco Incanto. We got back home from our holiday ... to find our kickarse coffee machine broken. BROKEN I TELL YOU! Did I happen to mention how serious I was about coffee?
No? That when I entered the world of recovery, I gave up booze and drugs and ciggies ... but slug soy lattes back with wild abandon? However, said broken coffee machine is most definitely a sign - I knew I needed to give up anyway, as it's detrimental to babymaking. I shall have to lean heavily on my last remaining vice .... fucken swearing.

On the babymaking front ... I am the proud owner of a PROTOCOL. I'm so thrilled.

AF Thursday 12th July
BCP Saturday 14th July
Synarel (or Lucrin) 2nd August
Puregon (or Gonal F) 17th August
Bloodtests, Ultrasounds, etc
Egg Collection 29th-31 August
Embro Transfer 3rd September

I have waited so long to have this piece of paper in my hand. That says embryo TRANSFER, in black and white. I hope and pray and whisper to the universe every day that it will happen.

We all had a lovely time away - was so lovely seeing Tiger and his sister play together. He is going to be the best big brother. I was very sick with a throat infection, but kept saying I'd prefer to be sick in 23 degree weather than 3 degree weather!! (Celcius that is). It's so nice to be home - I need to drum up more work for myself, and time off makes me itchy to write more articles. I have a column in one mag on eco friendly building practices, which is great because it's regular income. But as a freelancer I need to create my own work, which is actually going really well. Mr TC is pleased with the extra income coming in.

It's late, so in a nutshell - here is my Virtual World Tour: (It's not too late - why don't you do it too?)

* I live in NSW

* You freeze your balls off in winter

* I have that miracles are possible and happen every day.

* I have a beautiful view from my bath. Here is my bathroom ...

... I told my sisters to stop pitying me that I couldn't have a drink with them anymore - I get to have a spa in this fucker!

So, in conclusion, if you're ever in this neck of the woods (literally) - look me up. I'll be the swearing chick sipping peppermint tea.

A special shoutout to Maya at Gemini Girl, who proved once and for all that a pregnant woman is sexier than a stripper. Hell yeah!!

I have much more to say in regards to

a) blogging b) babies and c) blogging about babies

However it nearly midnight, and I have to creep in to bed AGAIN, trying not to wake Mr TC. Does anyone else have that problem??

If I was a rockstar I would stay up all night and sleep all day. But I am not a rockstar, so goodnight. xoxoxoxxoxooxxxo


Patience said...

I'm so coming to your place just so I can have a bath!!!!! Awesome photos!

Brenda said...

How cool is your bath!!??!!


Carrie said...

Thanks for showing us around although I have to say if I came to vistit I'd just stay in the bath!

Robyn said...

Great view and great bath. What could be better?

And I have the same problem with staying up all night and waking the grumpy one when I finally slink off to bed at some ungodly hour of the night. Problem compounded by the fact alarm blasts me into consciousness at 6am. Too easily distracted, me.

Gemini Girl said...

I need your bathroom. That's like something out of a magazine! Lucky you.

Thank you for the shout out- you made me laugh for the first time today as I sat in my cubicle at work.

You do not have man hands by the way- I take the cake in man hands. When I was in the 6th grade A popular girl in class pointed them out. I cried inside.

Anyway- my husband is dying to one day take a trip to your beautiful country. I'll be searching for the lady with the non-man hands sipping tea!

by the way: yeahy on the dates for transfer! How exciting?

Mony said...

Man Hands? Surely you jest! They are not! I imagine they are covered up with mittens today anyhow? Brrrr.
Love the pics. I agree that your bathroom is a delight. Just dreamy.
I love Megalong Valley (sp?) My brother got married there.

Carlynn said...

What a fabulous bathroom!! I am so jealous, you actually live there? My dad loves Australia, I bet if he saw these photos he would adopt you on the spot and move into your garden.

Von said...

Topcat. Lovely to "see you". You look very much as I imagined.
So excited for you and your little piece of paper. I can see great things coming from it all for you.


Angie said...

Glad to see you have a plan! That's awesome. Best wishes.