Friday, 20 July 2007

Fridays Rock!

Last week we were in Byron Bay. We went to Krystal Kastle (sp); which had lots of lovely big Buddhas and crystals and zen-like objects. I made an offering to the child of a big stone Buddha - it was holding out what looked to be an egg (or it possibly could have been a penis. Either way, it symbolises fertility, right?) I said a silent prayer, offering up my wishes and love that a baby would bring into our lives. Here's a pic - my fifty cent piece is down the bottom.

I have also tricked my nasty BCP, mwooah hah hah - and started taking it at night! Who knew! So now, no more pesky panic stations when I'm walking down the street. I am feeling much better now - thank you wise beautiful women for the wise beautiful words.

I also started a new job today - I had to get the FUCK out of my house, am officially going stir crazy. I'm still writing - just really needed to "get out more". It's only 1-2 days a week. Yay! I hope to work there until the baby's due (la la la .... mind always gets ahead of itself hmm hmm hmm)

I hope everyone has a lovely, peaceful weekend. If you're up for a bit of fun - try putting your blog in
As Britney would say - Peace Out, Y'all!!


Jules said...

Gizoogle is a laugh.

Congrats on your new job. Hope it keeps your mind off...


Carrie said...

Glad you're feeling better. I remember feeling so much better when I swapped my BCP to nights too (not that this info is much use to you now! Sorry)

All the best with the new job. I think it is good to have a distraction at times.

Angie said...

Glad you're feeling better. Congrats on the job!