Friday, 27 July 2007

Eight is Enough

If I really just let loose and wrote 8 disturbing things about me .... well, it would be too much. So - these are the kinda least disturbing. *Ahem*

1) I'm aware of the different roles we all play in our families - especially dysfunctional families. Read an incredible book once and a fog in me started to lift. My journey had begun - to start working out where I wanted to go in my life, I first had to understand where I came from.

2) I am double jointed. It looks freaky - but my husband loves it la la la

3) Like Gemini Girl (who tagged me for this) - I have very finely tuned esp. I'm hyper-aware of things, and often dream things before they happen. I have dreamt a few times that I will have a baby girl. It's giving me hope.

4) I love my husband and my beautiful son and all my stepkids so, so profoundly. Every single moment in life is so precious. I'm so grateful I get to enjoy it.

5) I believe there's no such thing as "normal". The only place you find normal is on a washing machine cycle. We all have our idiosyncrasies, our foibles, our Archilles Heels, our weaknesses. The sooner we realise we are all on the same side ... the better.

6) I have been known to buy chocolate, hide it ..... then open it by myself, trying to not rustle the wrapper. I eat it all, silently ... and if my hubby finds the evidence, I get into trouble.

7) I will be starting stims in less than a week. How strange I feel lately - like I can't plan anything solid. Like my whole life is on hold.

8) We are planning a trip to New Zealand at Christmas .... I really hope, due to my condition at that time, that I won't be able to do this.

I tag - Von, Imogen, and Geohde. Make sure they are disturbing, mwah hah hah!!
Bumble, I hope you are ok. xoxoxo


Imogen and David said...

Argh! I'm boring but I'll give it a go (EKK!).

Carrie said...

I love your list. I get the hidden chocolate one too. It tastes so good that way.

Gemini Girl said...

You made me laugh about your strange chocolate behavior... that is disturbing!

hope your feeling better!