Sunday, 17 August 2008

Living Your Dreams

Before I start my post for Mels Show and Tell Weekly Thread, I need to say that last night, I had a dream that me and Brad Pitt were staring into each others eyes, we had totally fallen in love. So much so, that Angelina came RUNNING up to me (one twin on her hip), BEGGING me to please stay away from Brad. I agreed, because I felt so sorry for her.

I'm many things in life ... but I have never been and will never be a home wrecker.

AHEM. Anyway, this is about a dream of a different kind.

Despite the fact that the following pictures are completely narcassistic and showy-offy .... I will post them anyway, mainly to show how amazingly talented my husband is.

He is a builder, has his own business. We bought 4 and 1/2 acres of land back in 2001, he cleared it and began building. His dreamhouse. I was pregnant with Tiger at the time, and to be honest, wasn't very interested in the building process at all. He LOVES how I just stood back, and let him design and pick everything. My one request was the toilet to be separate from the bathroom .... I don't like lying in the bath with my head next to a toilet. And I picked the colour schemes for the house.

In April of this year, we got asked to appear in a lifestyle magazine, showcasing Mr TCs buildsmanship. (That is SO not a word.) We got photographed and interviewed, I thought it was HILARIOUS that people were going to look at us in this showy magazine, and think we are totally up ourselves. I knew the woman doing the interview, I actually got her the job as the editor there. It was offered to me but I didn't want it because I had too much work already.

Anyway, all of that pesky "husband gets cancer" fiasco happened .... and we forgot about the magazine.

Until, someone told me they had seen us in it. I raced out and bought a copy, Mr TC was still in hospital by that stage, so I let it be a surprise for him when he came out.

.... The magazine was more than a surprise, it was a complete fucking Godsend. After being so sick, traumatised, pricked with needles in his skin and bones, started his first dose of chemo ..... he hobbled in the door like a freakin old man about to die. I remember his exact words, the day I drove down to hospital to pick him up (clutching my sore caesar scar the whole way) .... he looked at me, and said

"I'm defeated, hon."

Scared the SHIT out of me.

Later, flicking through the glossy mag, his proud Leo heart almost bursting out of his chest. He was reminded of what he had done .... where he has come in his life, his strength, his talent, his sheer AUDACITY for daring to build a house so big, and show-offy. "I done good."
Yes my sweetheart, you done real good. WE done good.



Mony said...

What mag is it?
That is awesome.
I had a red hot dream last night too. Sonny Bill Williams & I did very, very filthy things. I don't even like him? Really. But damn. Sonny. I may never look at you quite the same way again, big boy.

Kristin said...

What an incredible house and the timing of the magazine coming out is incredible.

Vee said...

WOW! TC he should be so proud of himself. He did more than good! And what a nice reward, to have write up in a magazine.

bleu said...

So awesome and SUCH a beautiful house!!!!!!!!!

annacyclopedia said...

Can I come live at your house, TC? Even just a tent outside so I can sleep under those gorgeous gum trees and look at your house from the outside? Mr. TC did fucking brilliantly and I'm so glad the recognition did him good. And you did brilliantly by having the toilet separately from the bath - in Japan, they are all like that, and when I came back here it was so vile to be having a bath staring at the toilet. Still is, really.

AnotherDreamer said...

Awesome house.

tobacco brunette said...

Wow, he is amazingly talented and your home is beyond beautiful. What perfect timing for the article, too. Did you guys have an interior designer help you out or is it all - inside and out - the product of TC Family brilliance?

chicklet said...

This totally made me cry. Your husband's amazing.

G said...

Wow, that is beautiful. I want to see more pictures! Gorgeous!

Such amazing timing for that article too.

Cassandra said...

What a beautiful house. Not narcissistic or show-offy at all!

It's funny how seeing the same thing every day becomes nothing special, but when it's written up and pictured by someone else in a public sphere, it's new again and much more impressive. Same thing has happened to us, but that's a story for another day. Glad that the recognition of his work could help your husband at such a difficult time.

battynurse said...

Very cool that your house and pics are in a magazine and the little shout out for your husband was timed great. The house by the way is beautiful.

JuliaS said...

What a neat house - beautiful from the pictures.

Nice timing too - your poor dh; glad he got a timely reminding of how awesome he really is. :0)

Good wishes!

Pixxiee said...

Wow. Tell TC I have a house that needs some work and inspiration! What a great lift for you both - the timing couldn't be better. I just know you'll both be enjoying that house for years to come.

Vacant Uterus said...

He done real good indeed. What a gorgeous house! I am in awe of people who have skills like that. Go Mr. TC! Nicely done!

MrsSpock said...

Whoa! What a fantastic home! Good job, indeed. How exciting to be in the fancy house magazine...

Arian said...

Gorgeous house! I would want everyone to see that too! It isn't showy offy at all!

ohn said...

Now I see why he works so must be very rewarding for him to stand back and see what he has accomplished!! I especially love the accent window. What is your roof made of? It looks like metal (?)

Fertilized said...

he done real good!! show it off

Sugar and Ice said...

Your home is absolutely beautiful. I even love Tiger's little cute!

Mr. & Mrs. M@sk said...

Oh congratulations! Don't worry, our "not so posh" secret is safe with me ;-)

I've actually drooled over a few past house photos of yours - your bathroom with a view in particular.

Gemini Girl said...

First of all: when am I coming over?
Second: I am glad that something coulld brighten up Mr. TC's day. He must be so proud!

you look haut in the piture!

Wordgirl said...


There's totally room for me in the treehouse. I mentioned right that I used to have the dream of running away to Australia?( I blame it on a childhood book of mine)

I've come to think lately that life has a way of throwing us these tiny little blessings -- things that come at just the right time...and Mr.TC should be proud -- look at the beauty that surrounds him -- all of you, and a place that is not only beautiful, but really strikes me as an extension of you -- the art, the comfort, the light and gorgeousness..

Um, and the bathroom? I am so there. I am a total bath whore.

I wish I had been reading THAT home magazine this weekend -- I was reading a totally different one that didn't bring me nearly as much joy as looking at this one...



Stacie said...

OK. I think I am losing my mind. I could have sworn that I commented already, but I don't see it, so I must have had a brain fart or something. I swear that has been happening more and more lately!

Anyway, the real reason for the comment is about your show and tell.

Your house is gorgeous! I love it. He did a wonderful job building it, and what I can see from the pictures, you decorated it beautifully, too. Wow. Well done, Mr. TC, well done. Now, if you are ever interested in working in California, I know of a house that could use some work... :-)

Much love as always.

Stacie said...




Much love,


Gemini Girl said...

I echo stacie- you def rock.

My mom got the door yesterday and calls me up to tell me I have a package from australia.
She was all like "who do you know in australia"

When I opened the package, my husband was all excited- as if the gifts were for him! Ha. I told him to take care of the girls and stop opening my gifts.

I love the shirts- they are too cute.

BTW- If your sisters are coming to ny- try to come with them- it's a once in a lifetime experience!!

Lori said...

What great timing. And his work is truly stunning. Wish we could afford to hire him and bring your family out her for a time!

Carrie Ann said...

beautiful house!! what mag was that?