Saturday, 19 May 2007

Blog Virgin

I may be a freelance writer, but fucked if I'm tech-savvy. Please - can someone PLEASE give me a few pointers on how to link?? (I have been tagged and want to get cracking) ..... plus, how the fuck do you do a blogroll? What's the blog etiquette on that - can I just add anyone's blog to it?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!


Von said...

No idea on the blogroll thing.

Go to Help center on blogger. I think in the posting and editing help section you will see a question about "how to add link to webpage", or something similiar.
Have been having problems with my computer hence lack of comments. Sorry but all better now.

Mony said...

Check out they have fairly easy instructions to add your own blogroll (they must have, afterall that's who I used!)I clearly recall it took me DAYS to work out how to post a friggin' photo. I am completely tech un-savvy.

Bumble said...

When you're writing a post, highlight the bit you want to link, and then click on the little icon that has like a world/earth and chain link thingy. It opens a small window - paste the URL of the place you want to link to there.

And to make a blogroll - go to the TEMPLATE section and then PAGE ELEMENTS. Click on Add a Page Element and then click on LINK LIST. Add your URLs there.

Hope this mumbo jumbo helps?!