Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Von from Murphy is a Bastard (the one with the transfer on Saturday - thinking of you!!!) and I had a serendipitous blog posting experience. In a very Zenlike, Buddha way. Cripes! What does it all mean ...

I cannot stop thinking about little four year old British Maddie McCann, abducted from her hotel room in Portugal five long days ago. Dear God, please let some light shine in the heart of whoever has her, let her return home with her family. I can't imagine what her parents must be going through. Worst nightmare that they can't wake up from.

The dear little sweet girl, I've shed tears, but am praying for a miracle. xo


Bumble said...

Hi topcat!! So nice to meet you, that photo has to be the beautiful Aus! Just wanted to pop in and say that I'm here cheering you on!

Von said...

You've been tagged. Come over and see. x