Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Girl Can LINK

Linking is easy. Who knew?? (Thank you Bumble!)

The lovely Von has tagged me - a while ago now ...

This little girl needs to come home. I'm thinking of her constantly. Her parents haven't given up hope and neither should the rest of us. Many, many people all around the globe are praying for her safe return.

Bono at Best band the planet will ever see.

Bookcrossing is the World's Biggest Book Club. And it's free. I logged on, saw a book had been released in my local cafe ... and promptly went and found it! Let me know how you go ..

Lastly, this. Just for a laugh. Went for a walk this morning and I suddenly said to Mr TC "Hey, do you remember that show in the eighties with that monkey, and he had that tiny wand behind his ear?" He did - and we both re-enacted Monkey calling his cloud. So random and FUCKING HILARIOUS. Life is a BIG MASSIVE PILE OF DOGSHIT sometimes and we need to just laugh for the fucking sake of it.

Gorgeous Vee has also tagged me, for the "I Am" thingamajig .....

I am scared of dying.

I love my husband so much. SO MUCH.

I am extremely private and don't like getting too close to people.

I am 100% sure that my desire to fall pregnant is not my latest "obsession', or "passing fad". I long for another baby so much that my soul hurts.

I am worried that people may not think I belong to this blogging genre, and want me to fuck off.

I am not afraid of hell. I have already been there and I'm not going back.

I am now tagging :

Gemini Girl because she said she wanted to be tagged! (Plus she's born and raised in New York -

Stacie - to help keep her occupied during the non-sleeping mornings!

I have a 1500 word article due on Tuesday morning. It's on scaffolding .. boring but the pay is awesome. I love freelancing, bringing in money and working from home. So lucky.


Gemini Girl said...

Hey TC- thanks for tagging me!

Stacie said...

Thanks for the tag! I must admit, being relatively new to this, I had to go see what that actually meant! I am a little slow sometimes. Pretty cool. I'm going to keep playing and try to tag, too...

Thanks again!


Vee said...

Laughing feels so good, we really should do a lot more of it !

Great "I ams" thanks for sharing.

Gemini Girl said...

You know I dedicated a post to you!

Bumble said...

Link away girlfriend hee hee...

This one... "I am a LADY .... who farts longer, stronger, and louder than her husband." you KNOW had me rolling in the aisles... after all, everyone now knows that I'm a fart joke lover.