Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Blogs, Booties, and a Bigmouth

It's a glorious day in this corner of the world this morning. The great thing about working from home? Being my own boss. The drawback of working from home? Being my own boss.

I received a tiny parcel in the mail yesterday - bought from eBay. A pair of divine, fluffy little yellow booties. I read somewhere that it's good luck to sleep with yellow booties under your pillow if you want to have a baby. (Feeling slightly sheepish that I just admitted that!)

On Saturday we had some friends over for brekkie. We have a wonderful community up here, but I'll be fucked if all and sundry start knowing that I MIGHT be starting ivf soon. That's even if we get the go-ahead ... Mr TC was on heavy treatment last year *shudder* his last treatment was in December. You supposedly have to wait for six months after treatment before you start trying for a baby. I don't know if his vasectomy affects that - we shall have to wait and see.

Mmmmmmmmm, waiting - don't ya just love it!!!


Stacie said...

Don't you just love helpful comments like that? As if soymilk is going to make the difference with everything else happening!
The best advice (and I do use that term loosly) I got was not to sit too close to the microwave in our lunch room at work. It would zap my eggs and make me infertile. Now this was after 2+ years of trying!

I still make sure I sit in the exact same place everyday just to annoy the "helpful" woman!


Von said...

Yes, waiting, very familiar with that little chestnut.......
Have been having a similar experience with my MIL regards our "private affairs". She has been telling the whole world about what we've been doing.
I eventually had enough recently and asked her not to tell anyone about our recent IVF. She didn't take that too well and said some things to me that were absolutely devasting. Long long story.
Ended up having to have a family conference so that she could feel better about what we were doing....

Mony said...

And aren't we Piscean's supposed to be patient people?

Obviously an Aries made that conclusion.

Mony said...

Had to add that I lurve the yellow bootie theory. Much nicer than the tale of placing a string of pearls on your moonlit windowsill....my Mum heard that one..and I was willing to try anything. Hee!