Friday, 18 May 2007

Decisions, decisions

Yesterday I FINALLY sat down with Mr TC and explained to him what ivf meant, procedures involved, etc. He was a bit spun out, hadn't realised how full on it would be. This freaked him out a little. (My freakout was months ago, when I first started googling like a demon).

Anyhoo, he says, "Well, how much does a vasectomy reversal cost anyway?" (I googled it later - $6,500!!! Haven't told him that gem yet!!) ...... I'm going to call his medical fund today, to ask if a reversal is covered. Mr TC had a very, VERY bad vasectomy experience. Some cowboy GP did it in his surgery under NO anasthetic *shudder*. So that's why he's been wary.

We are booked in on Tuesday for first RE appt, hopefully we can be steered into the right course of action. I have read a lot of cases where reversal wasn't successful, so Ivf/Icsi Miami was needed anyway. Which doesn't help in my "Want To Be Pregnant NOW" scenario.

Am going down to Glebe tonight for a friends birthday. I have beautiful friends. 


Vee said...

Ouch ! It is all so expensive isn't it ?

Glebe is cool, have fun !

Vee said...

Ps. I have tagged you view my blog :)

topcat said...

SO lovely to hear from you Vee, I'm loving your new pic!!

Rich said...

Well, if it weren't for Mr. TC's experience, I'd say go with a vasectomy reversal. I've written extensively about my experience. My VR was way less painful than the vasectomy. Maybe this post will make him feel better...