Friday, 25 May 2007

The One with the Bowel Gas

Hey, you know how when you get an ultrasound, they give it to you at reception with that sticker on it that says "Confidential, only to be opened by referring doctor". Ha ha ha - that's funny right? Because I'm sure everyone opens them straight away, right? Right? (Hello?)

Well, I opened mine, read it and I'm not happy. Firstly, during the actual ultrasound, the nice-yet-bored lady was cruising, clicking, taking photos of this and that. When she typed in "Endometrium", I thought, (in all of my newbie glory) "Ohhhhh NOO!! That's bad!!" I spoke, lump in my throat and tears welling. "Um, do I have endometriosis?" I quivered, thinking oh God I can't believe it. She stops looking bored, swaps to puzzled, and slightly amused. "No - that's your endometrium". Silence. Sensing my ignorance, she explains that it is the name for the lining of my womb. "Oh. Cool". (I seriously have no fucking idea!!!!)

I asked her if eveything was ok - she said it was, she just couldn't find my left ovary, she nicely said it was behind my bowel. Later I read that BOWEL GAS was impairing the vision. Can't wait to show my BOWEL GAS ultrasound to my RE.

So I rip open the ultrasound as I'm walking out of the place - I have a nab0thian cyst. 9mm in diameter. Doctor Google says that it's probably harmless. I'm really worried it will affect my plans to start the baby making plan next cycle?? I would really appreciate anyone's wisdom on this. And thanks so, so much to everyone who commented their support on my last post. I feel like the new kid at school is finally making friends.



Von said...

Ok, deep breath. Breath in, breath out, relax..........Aaaahhhhh, that's better.

In my experience the Doc will always tell you if you have a problem of any significance. There will always be little comments like that.

Keeping the stress to the minimum is the key is all of this. I found yoga, exercise, acupuncture very effective.
You live in the lovely Blue Mountains, there must be a fair amount of "hippy" stuff up there. Ha, ha.

Take care. X

Mony said...

Opening the "Confidential Doctor Letter"? GUILTY, your honour. Of Course! Curiousity may have got the cat...but damn it, the cat didn't just pay $150.00 for an examination!

I'm with VON re the cyst. I think that something would have been said if it were a potential roadblock. I have had lots of cysts (none led to anything other than a panic attack)...they are quite common, and usually we don't even know that they're there. for the new blog, new school, new friends feeling...I'm only hanging around here because I think your brother is cute & I want to borrow your clothes.
Ah. As if a pisces could be THAT shallow. xxxxxx

Gemini Girl said...

I agree- nothing to worry about unless they keep getting larger (which is what happened to me). The doctor didnt say anything so there is nothing to worry about!

Gemini Girl said...

Oh, and since its only 9mm you have nothing to worry about. My cyst was about 14cm (the size of a large grapefruit!) No worries! It will go away on its own!

topcat said...

Yippee!! Hooray!! Who needs Dr Google when you have Dr Blogging Buddies??

You're right Von - there is CERTAINLY many hippie things up here!

Piscean Mony can borrow my clothes ANYTIME - except they may not fit you soon!!??

Gemini Girl - thanks for that info, so relieving for me. Hey - isn't Gemini the sign for twins??