Monday, 10 September 2007


It's such a beautiful day up here! Spring has sprung, and it just makes me all gooey inside - I live in a place that usually snows in winter, so to finally feel the warmth in the sun again is wonderful. It's funny - it's only until I got sober that I realised how distinctly different the seasons are. Sounds strange, but I had never noticed. (You don't tend to notice much in that state except when your next welfare payment is due). How amazing is autumn! Even though I know it's signalling that the dreaded winter is coming, I'm still blown away by its beauty.

So, back home. Had a fantastic time away, I caught up with both of my sisters which was great. I wish we lived closer. The nicknames I gave them last year is Tee and Rex, as in T-Rex. This is because they have pathetic little dinosaur hands. (They are ALWAYS bagging my big manhands out). Watching Tee the other day in her kitchen, feebly struggling to drain her heavy saucepan, I was pissing myself laughing at her. Of course, I didn't offer to help, because I was in such a *delicate* state, heh heh. Didn't I milk that for all it was worth. Speaking of which .... well, I just don't know. Even if I DO POAS today, I won't know officially until next week. Plus, Mr TC really doesn't want me to. So .... the waiting continues. I'm quite worried about Mr TC, he's not himself lately and seems a bit depressed. He's usually such a big tough guy. I'm scared that it's because of the IVF - and that what could be an amazingly fantastic result for me .... is not so much for him. I wish we were on the same page. I wish he wanted this as much as I do. Feels like one of us is going to be disappointed! I hate that!

Anyway, here - with a distinctive Aussie flavour, are my Rockin Girl Blogger Awards:

  • Von at Murphy is a Bastard. I heart Von. The mind of a rebel and the soul of a poet, Von has been on the fucked-up IF journey for too long - and still has the grace to advise and help me, an annoying newbie who threatened to sink like a sack'o'shit at any slightly bad news. As Von enters an FET this week, I have asked the Universe that she gets her dream. It's funny to care about people we've never met, isn't it?

  • Maya at Gemini Girl. GG is preggers with twins, hoorah! I love hearing about her escapades in New York, as she negotiates crappy bathrooms, people who won't give up their seats on the subway, and a growing belly.

  • Vee at the Sweet Life. Sydney girl Vee has shown grace and courage with all she has gone through this year. She and Max will make wonderful parents one day. Vee is also an amazing illustrator - check out Vee's Imagination.

  • Mony from Mrs Negative. Not a whisper of complaint about her pregnancy, Mony and Hef have handled their hurdles beautifully, and with humour. Once I mustered the bravery to comment on her blog - and she commented back! She was a real live person! Mony is very popular - but always shares herself around in equal parts. She just rocks.

  • I'm also not being sexist and nominating two guys ... Trevor at Triplets, or Oh My God We're Outnumbered! Trevor and his wife Breda have triplets - and they seem like pretty cool people ... all five of them. Trevor blogs with humour and gratitude - can't go wrong. Frank N Beans from Fertile Frank is one very, very funny guy. Swing past and offer your support - he and his wife are about to commence IVF for the first time.

Thank you to Anna and Amy R for nominating me! I read everyone on my blogroll. I cry for you, cheer you all on, and just learn and laugh so much. Thanks for showing me that I'm not alone. xoxo


Von said...

Thank you.
You made me get runny eyes.... Was thinking of you yesterday as we flew out of Sydney and over the Blue Mountains.

Vee said...

OH WOW ! I feel very honoured ! Thank you so much.

I am just glad the rain has stopped for a while, to enjoy the outdoors.

My advise.... don't POAS they are evil !

Fertilize Me said...

i second vee's advice ..evil evil i tell ya. go give me TC a big big hug

Reproductive Jeans said...

Cheers to you, you rockin blogger gal=)

Diana said...

Tough it out!!! Don't POAS!!!!! You can do it! Wait for those glorious high beta numbers!!

Mony said...

My husband would not agree with you on the "Rockin' Chick" thing. He is missing his drummer & asked me yesterday did I think I would ever drum again?
Hell soon as I can FIT behind the kit!

Thinking of you heaps xx