Friday, 7 September 2007

Toughing it Out ... Bondi Style

I had to get away ... going MENTAL. I know you all know what I'm talkin 'bout. So, I headed INto the APEC fiasco that is Sydney this weekend, and am firmly ensconced at my sister Tee's house, Bondi Beach. Proudly showing her my blue veiny boobs today, she swiftly pulls her tits out and says "Mate, check out MY blue veins". She's not remotely close to being preggers, so I thanked her for crushing my dreams in one fell swoop. George Bush is in town ... we watched him refer to us as "Austrians" on the news tonight. Laughed our heads off.

I'm getting used to the 2WW - and have found myself realising that the past week has been so huge, I'm glad to have some time to process it all. And as the uber-cool Chicklet said, "enjoy thinking it might have worked".

I'm not touching my tummy much. Just taking it easy. I really needed to settle the fuck down, actually. I feel a bit numb. Wondering if certain things could possibly be "real" pregnancy symptoms, even though I know it's so early - is there anything that can't be attributed to progesterone? High temp, constipation, tiredness, blue vein boobies, chin hairs, moodiness ... ALL of these can be blamed on progesterone!

(Except chin hairs - I've always had them).


r.a.w. said...

Argh. I'm sure my president is a very nice man, but I wish he weren't a public figure - every time he opens his mouth, I cringe.

Glad you escaped to your sister's place. Hopefully that will provide you with some peace and some distraction.

Vee said...

Gotta love the chin hairs mine come with out progesterone too.

You are doing great...hang in there. Sydney is surprisingly quiet probably a smart move getting away from the mountains as every one was heading there.

Yes had a chuckle at Bush too, not to mention when he called APEC, OPEC. hehehe.

I have everything crossed for you !

Gemini Girl said...

Dubbaya was in town? The man makes me laugh so hard. He should be a comedian, not a president.

Hope this two week hell thing passes quickly for you. But every symptom does feel like pg. I am with you mate (I always wanted to say that).


Trevor said...

G'day TC

Been away so had to read a bit to catch up. Congrats on the many eggs and good fertilization rate.

You're right, the 2ww is shit. Really, really shit. BUT, it must be endured to get to the good stuff. Easy to say - tough to do.

Will keep checking in to see how you're doing.

Cheers and the best of luck.

Fertilize Me said...

"Austrians", REALLY, .. now, c'mon. We should be so proud. I am glad you also get to have a good chuckle from Dubbaya, himself

Chas said...

Keeping yourself busy is a good idea, and that beach looks heavenly. You're right that every symptom could be a pg symptom...or not. It really is tough.

Poor Dubya...I guess he'll be known forever as our dumbest president. How he managed Yale (even with a C average) and Harvard business school I'll never know.

Diana said...

Our poor president, I think you Aussies got him elected just so you could poke fun!!!

Good thoughts to you as you endure this 2ww. you'll have your answer soon and I pray it's a positive one!

Mony said...

Oh, I adore my new beard. So bewitching. I bet your is a pretty shade of strawberry blonde.

...he didn't call us Austrians?? Noooooo! Tell me you lost your hearing due to early pregnancy! Please!

The Oneliner (Christina) said...

still hoping for you...hope you can get a little escape in...
sorry my president is a moron. i didn't vote for him. twice.

chicklet said...

Yea, enjoying thinking it worked IS fun sometimes. Still hard, but sometimes, if that's the only thing that keeps us up, the thought that it might have really worked this time, well that is good in itself. Good luck:-)

Geohde said...

Chin hairs eh?

Now you've got me worried I'm going to spen my post transfer tww tweezers in hand!

Although, generally speaking, I think the hairs wouldn't be able to fight their way out of the zits and I'll probably explode from constipation first. Thats how progesterone affects *me*.