Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The 2WW - A New Kind of Torture

  • 3dp2dt. All I can think about is implantation. Is it happening now? Will I get spotting?What the hell's goin on in there? How many cells is it up to? Who was the second gunman on the grassy knoll?
  • I am nauseous, tired, and constipated. Thankyou, Crinone.
  • Waiting on IVF's-R-Us to call me back. I want to ask why wasn't I given the option of going to blast, and can I go straight to an FET next cycle if this doesn't work. (Prefer to ask that now, rather than in 2 weeks hysterically crying)
  • The Two Week Wait sux dogs balls badly. It turns ordinary women into obessives - I was already obsessive to begin with! I'm FUCKED!
  • When I think that this isn't going to, ummm, end well - panic rises, and a lump forms in my throat. As the days continue I will be getting quite worried about my mental health.
  • I have waaaaaayyyyyyy too much time on my hands. This is no good!
  • My UTI seems to have abated, hoorah!
  • If someone told me that to get pregnant, I would have to paint myself green and do a half pike triple somersault in front of a crowd of spectators, naked, I would. TWICE.

That is all.


Amy R said...

I asked my RE about when implantation occurs. He said that regardless of Day 3 or Day 5, it'll happen the evening of Day 6 or the morning of Day 7. I'm now at the evening of Day 7...saw no spotting although I did obsessively look!! :) Who the heck knows... anyways, glad the UTI has cleared up :)

Von said...

In my IVF experience they made me wait two cycles before doing an FET. Meaning the failed IVF cycle and then one other. Just to sort out the system first.
But cross that bridge when you get to it................
Just remember that you have done really well and you have all those Frosties on ice. Half of doing IVF is to get the extra ones so you don't have to do the whole thing again should it not work the first time.
Which you won't have to worry about as it will work.
If this helps at all, my Doc told me that it's the first 24-48 hours that count. It's either implanted or not by then and there's bugger all you can do it about it.
As for symptoms. Try not to go there. I've had them all both when a cycle has worked and when it hasn't.
Thinking of you.
Von. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Chas said...

This 2WW is pure torture...I feel for you. You're doing great...try your best not to read too much into anything.

Fertilize Me said...

so sorry you have to wait .... I agree about the obsessing and naked gymastics though!!

Reproductive Jeans said...

I totally agree with you on the last point--lets get painting! ;)

Gemini Girl said...

The 2WW is the worst part of this whole thing. It really is.
I was so obsessive. My beta was on a friday, and so I proceeded to buy 5 poas and took one every day from mon-fri (you can go back in my may blogs and read about it).

Everyone was against me doing this (bec of false positives bec of the hcg shots) but I didnt care. I had to know- or prepare myself either way.

I am praying for you and your little one. Is there a reason they only implanted one and not two? Is that the policy of your clinic or a personal choice?

Hope all is well!

Carrie said...

The 2WW is hard enough in a natural cycle, but when the stakes are so high........

Hope you get some distraction, hang in there!

ultimatejourney said...

You never know how slowly two weeks can go by until you have a treatment cycle. I hope you have many non-stressful distractions.

Mony said...

Aw. Oh. Ow.
The 2ww is the cruelest. TORTURE. Emotional rollercoaster, highs & lows like never before. I am feeling for you darling.
At RPA they make you wait 1 cycle between tries. This is for Medicare as well as the body.

Nearlydawn said...

I can't offer suggestions for making it go faster, but I can certainly commiserate! I sure hope your 2ww pays of in spades!