Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I'm not joking. Kill me. The fuck. Now.

It's 6.30am .... I have been up for four hours already.

Why must Monkey be so unsettled in the night times ..... 3 to 4 hourly feeds I can deal with. But the old "get up and put the pacifier back in about ten times" game? Yeah, not so fun. But still manageable. Sometimes I try putting it back in with no light on, and stick it in his nose - or his eye. Missed it by that much as Maxwell Smart would say. Monkey doesn't think it's very funny.

But lately - he just won't settle back down after a bottle. I mean c'mon dude!! Mummy is borderline psychotic as it is!! Pleeee-aaaassssssseee go back to sleep.

A few hours ago, I just gave up trying to settle him and howled alongside next to him. Which I think scared him and made him cry more. Which woke Mr TC up and he came down from upstairs to see what was going on. Baby is almost 3 months old ..... number of times husband has got up in the night to help ....... ZERO.

"What's going on?" He innocently asks.

"Ummmm, he just won't settle." I answered, in my best husband-on-chemo-better-be-nice-to-him voice.

I don't care that he has cancer. For the love of GOD I need a decent sleep. Just one. With earrplugs.

The End


Almamay said...

Quel Nightmare! I wish I could visit and take little Monkey off your hands for a while so you could sleep. Sending you lots of hugs.

Caba said...

Oh man, i'm sorry. If i was closer I would give you a night or two monkey free! I remember feeling like I was just going to lose my mind if I couldn't get a few hours sleep ... I'm so sorry you have so much to deal with. It's really just not fair. Hugs.

Sugar and Ice said...

I'm so sorry about him not sleeping all night yet. If I were only a few thousand miles closer I'd come by and give you a break!

That website, btw, is crazy! The swimming neck ring is my favorite!

Vee said...

Ah crap TC, if it wasn't Max's chemo week, I would be up that mountain giving you a hand. Bloody hell ! I so hope you can get a good nights sleep soon. No sleep certainly affects your head!

Vacant Uterus said...

TC! I was your psychotic twin last night! Sam must have gotten an email from Monkey because he pulled the same trick. I bounced him, I rocked him, I put the pacie in...NOTHING. He just WAILED. Finally I got in bed with him (back was breaking at this point) and cried and cried. He finally fell asleep at 5:30 this morning. For an hour. ARGH!

Sending big, sloppy hugs. I feel your pain, momma. Hope tonight is better. I'll be thinking of you.


wordgirlredux said...

I was going to leave a funny comment like: do babies hold their heads up at three months cause then I could come over and hold him without any fear...(still want a baby and yet the wobbly head thing freaks me out)...it is good for me to read about all the reality of new parenthood lest you get all romantic about that thing you don't have... I wish you some relief my friend, may little Monkey allow you some deep sleep soon...