Thursday, 31 July 2008

Twas the Night Before Chemo

Today, I had to drive down to the big shopping centre to get some blankets. I had Monkey with me, I was holding him, BUSTING to go to the toilet. So in I go, holding my handbag, shopping bags, and baby ..... simultaneously, three things happened:

1. I had to do, ummmm, more than a wee;
2. Monkey starts howling;
3. There is no toilet paper.

..... in that moment, I realised that shit like that happens to me all the time. I can be quite the Bumbling Bumbler from Bumbleland.

Thank God for his baby wipes, is all I can say.

I will most likely be offline for a while, it's chemo day tomorrow, which always send us all for a loop. My wonderful sis Rex is coming up to take Mr TC down for it, she will be staying a few days. My twin sisters alternate their visits to come and help out every three weeks ... they call it their "cancer holiday," as they get a break from their busy lives down in the city. Mr TC can't eat chocolate when he does chemo ...... is it wrong to have already realised this and looked forward to eating the rest of his American chocolate? (I'll try not to, Gemini, but I can't promise anything).

Tomorrow is Tigers sports carnival at school. I have been avoiding his school like the plague, every time I went there I kept getting swarmed and stampeded, everyone wanting to see the baby and ask how Mr TC is. I am OVER people asking me about it in public. If I'm feeling well enough to be out and about, then I don't want people to come running up to me to bombard me with their experiences of cancer; or their tears about Mr TC. Some people have really freaked Tiger out, so I have officially had enough.

Now when someone asks me, I just get this strange monotone voice and answer "Good" or "Fine" to all of their nosy fucking questions. My aura turns black and purple, and they end up slinking away, trailing their inappropriateness behind them.

I do not want peoples sympathy, or pity, or stories. Most people shit me on a good day, fucks sake. Not everyone is like this ..... some people are AMAZING. A few are mums from Tigers school .... I have told them I'm coming tomorrow, as Tiger is such a great runner and I can't miss it. I just hope I don't have a panic attack. Or tell someone where to go.


Tee said...

What is it with you, children, public toilets and shitting??????

vamplita said...

Sending positive vibes your way, and the hope of a bit of normalcy.

Run like the wind, Tiger. :)


PaleMother said...

"... in that moment, I realised that shit like that happens to me all the time."

You missed a memo. You are not allowed to have personal needs until the kids are old enough to ignore you for more than a solid week at a time. (Not clear, actually, when your personal rights return ... I'm just making shit up again.)

DS2 went through a separation anxiety phase not long ago where he would howl when I put him down so that I could use the potty. Are you kidding me? I can't even pee? Seriously?! I mean, I hate to be all needy and have to pee and all but ... Seriously?!

This was a timely topic for me as only yesterday morning (after draining a lg oj and a lg tea -- I did this to myself like a fool, but in my defense, it was 85 degrees and I was trying to stay AWAKE) once I had to pee like a racehorse (with no potty in sight besides the woods), DS2 decided to play Chase Me Across The Soccer Field And Drag (all 25 pounds of) Me Away From The Kicking Action Squirming And Hollering On Top Of Your Full Bladder. I wonder what color my aura was then ...

"Thank God for his baby wipes, is all I can say."

They say God looks out for mother's and fools and from experience I think it's true. Sort of.

"My aura turns black and purple, and they end up slinking away, trailing their inappropriateness behind them."

Love this. This is a brilliant trick mastered only by the very finest, black belt vengeful chicks. A dead giveaway ... cooler than a tatoo. JMO. Right on.

"I just hope I don't have a panic attack. Or tell someone where to go."

PT, TC. Any chance you could take a body guard? Maybe you could explain it to one of the nice moms and they could run interference/tell the 'empathetic' people to f-off? (sounds like fun, wish I could pop down) Maybe wear a t-shirt that says, DON'T ask ... How do you THINK it's going? Seriously?!

Go Tiger!


D was here.

PS Turns out you were dead on about the birthday card. :) Total BS HAHAhahahahHA. ;)

Gemini Girl said...

Tell Mr. TC that he has prayers from all over the world- from all different religons- hey, someone's GD will be listening?

Thinking of you guys, and hoping that you arent bombarded with questions... although we both know you will be. Be strong.

Almamay said...

I second Gemini Girl's comment. Thoughts from this part of the world coming your way. Hope the chemo is not too tough on Mr TC or your family.

Evil Stepmonster said...

Hey so what if you tell someone where to go? Might teach them not to be so nosy and ghoulish!

Go Tiger
Go Mr TC

LOVE your sisters btw, how awesome are they?!

wordgirlredux said...


I've been such a lazy commenter but honestly G even remarks 'so what's up with topcat these days?'

Good luck this week. Your sisters rock -- someday I hope to be in your part of the world and get to see you all in person.




Lori said...

This is the second Poop Horror Story I've read in two days. My sisters and I used to recount them to each other for laughs and giggles.

Good luck to Mr TC and the rest of you tomorrow.

Stacie said...

Shit happens to me like that all the time, too. At least I am in good company, right? :-) Although, I have to say I wish the shit wasn't quite as deep, if you know what I mean?

I hope that tomorrow (or is it today already where you are?) is filled with fun and relaxation. I also hope those nosy be-otches buzz around someone else and leave you in peace.

Wish Tiger good luck in his race.

Tell the Mr. that my positive vibes are coming his way...

Vee said...

Bugger I don't like that Google Reader doesn't let me know when you post now with the PWP! I keep missing posts. :(

Anyway I hope things went well for MR TC and Tiger. And hoping you didn't have to bite anyones head off! Love your sisters!

Stacie said...
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