Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Aint Nothing Like the Truth

Ok, so Mr TC is flying to Queensland tomorrow to watch his son play soccer. Stepson is an amazing player, and is in the trials to possibly get picked for Australias Under 17's. He will be flying back to his mum and sister. I'm too tired and overwhelmed to go, and truthfully - I need a break from Mr TC. Cancer is a full-time job, and it's killing me. (HA).

I've spent all afternoon adjusting, scanning, and collating a shitload of photographs, spanning the last eight years. I've made an album for stepson, and an album for stepdaughter. (I'm REALLY going to have to think of some better names.) I'm an avid photo taker - there are so many happy, smiling, amazing memories. They are very alike, Mr TC and his daughter. The same looks, same laid-back attitude, same quirkiness.

Finally, after a hectic afternoon of photos, writing quotes for Mr TC, minding Monkey .... I bolted up the street at 4.30pm to get all the pics printed. Only to be turned away again, and again. Three photo places I went to, all said they couldn't do it because they are closing soon.

I had one more to go to, ran up the hill panting with Monkey in the sling, and Tiger running after me, starting to get worried himself the poor sweetheart.

"Mum ... ummmmm, what are you going to do if they say no too?"
"Well my love, I might cry. But hopefully they will print them."

I went in and asked the lady, she said sorry, but she didn't think they had time. Tiger was browsing off in the store, so I leaned over to her and spoke quietly.

"Look, this is so important to me, and I would really appreciate it if you could do this. My husband has cancer. He's flying out to Queensland to see his son play soccer tomorrow, between his chemo treatments. I've spent the day copying all of these pics to get them printed off, to remind both of my stepkids what an amazing father they have. I need my stepdaughter to know that she has a place in our family and her dad will get better and hopefully be able to see her soon."

Without a word, she patted my back, closed her shop and printed every last one. They look magnificent.


And as for the APB follow-up? Oh my God. Oh my GOD. I am printing all of the comments out now .... EIGHT pages worth. Just - unbelievable. I'm going to give them to him in an envelope to take with him tomorrow, with instructions to read them when he is in his motel room alone. He will just be so blown away. Blown, I tell you.
It may take me a few days, but I'm going to thank all of you personally. He won't know what hit him - POW, an avalanche of love, and support, and humour and sageness. How much do women rock? You all ROCK the whole FUCKING HOUSE DOWN. Goddamit I want to have a fuck-off cancer party, and invite every single one of you. I'm going to pay this forward so much .... thank you doesn't even cut it. BUT THANK YOU!!!! xoxoxoxoxxoxooxo


MrsSpock said...

What a fabulous photo lady! I hope Mr TC likes your surprises!

Wordgirl said...

How amazing when humanity redeems itself and there's that one shining example of human kindness right when you need it the most. It is no surprise to me that you are the family photographer --- as I am too ---there's this terrific site for photo developing and books -- www.photoworks.com --I make books and then W sits near me and we look through them like picture books.

I can't wait to hear how it all goes over and I hope you get some restful days my friend -- baths and chocolates and good reading all around -- or mindless tv -- those are my answers to everything.




bleu said...

YAY for awesome photo lady!!!!!!

SO awesome of you to make those, YOU ROCK TOO!!!!!!!!!

Carrie Ann said...

You're a great step-mom! (I've had 2 myself so I know a good one when I see one)That was incredibly thoughtful of you to do for those kids. When they are older they will truly appreciate what you've done. I'm sure Mr. TC will be touched with what you did too.

G said...

I know you probably hated pulling the pity card, but sometimes you have to. So glad the lady worked it out for you.


m said...

I was late!

Am so glad the photo lady did your prints, talk about pay it forward...


battynurse said...

That's great about the photo lady getting all the prints done. I hope the albums are a fantastic hit. Glad Mr. TC enjoyed the comments. And a fuck off cancer party sounds fantastic. Even if it's an online party.

annacyclopedia said...

That's beautiful that she responded to you speaking your truth so clearly. It's really amazing when people just respond and do the right thing. So glad you got that moment and all your hard work is looking magnificent.