Friday, 19 September 2008

Back to Front

So I'm an everyday blogger now. Who knew!

Monkey is four months old today! 16 weeks! Hallelujah! A while ago, I asked Mr TC to give him his bottle, while I took a shower. I came out, to the sound of silence ... except a funny strange suckling sound coming from the kitchen table. On closer inspection, I find this scene .....


.... I finally found my industrious husband outside, doing something else. His explanation?
"He can feed himself now, hon!"
Mr TC will have Monkey driving up to the shops to buy his own formula soon.
The lovely Flicka from Vacant Uterus reckons she only has one brain cell left. She named him Mitch. I asked her to come up with the name of MY last remaining brain cell .... she called him Bogart. "Of all the brains in all the world .... he walks into mine." Heh heh.
Also, I'm a little concerned about Monkeys lack of tricks. Alas, he does not roll over, fetch, or collect my slippers. All he has done lately is hold and cuddle a toy, which was very cute, although slightly worrying. I'm thinking it's because I haven't been as interactive with him as I probably should. So, my mission is to play more with him, on the ground. He's starting to enjoy limited amounts of 'tummy time'. When he is just laying there on the floor, Tiger always says "Mum! Monkey's doing 'back time' again."
Allow me to illustrate .....

This is tummy time .....

This is back time .....

And THIS is "getting washed by daddy in the kitchen sink of our holiday flat" time ....

It's a wonder Mr TC didn't just pass him the soap and tell him to wash himself.


bleu said...

You are so funny!! Too cute!

::waves hi to Bogart:::

Geohde said...

Can I confess that's exactly how I feed my twins?

I put one on 'autofeed' and feed the other on my lap.

Halves the time!

Oh, and it's always great to see I'm not the only one who plonks the baby in the sink ;)


Vacant Uterus said...

Yay! Glad you like the name! Now if only we could lay hold of the buggers... *grabs futiley at empty air*

Monkey is clearly a very advanced baby, feeding himself and all that. What a good boy! Wish I could teach Sam that trick but alas, he won't hold still... (Side note: I really love the blanket he's wrapped in in that picture. Gorgeous colors!)

We bathe Sam in the sink at my mom's house sometimes. So much easier!

MrsSpock said...

Feeding himself? He's a baby genius!

Gemini Girl said...

OH MY GOD- what a mush!!!!
Please bring him to New York with you (bec I am convinced that you must come with your sisters next year).

And BTW- How the heck did you think we fed the twins all this time!? The same exact way that mr tc did. Except mine is esp made for that reason- it's called a bottle bundle! It has saved us so much time.

Anywho- he looks wonderful, and dont forget each baby has their own time table to do things. Soleil usually does things way before Neve- but I dont stress.

I love the last picture! He's like "what the hell is going on?"

Wordgirl said...

When I got to the self-feeding picture I laughed out loud.

What a sweet looking boy. I love the bath picture too!

I'm afraid if I had a baby that half the time I'd be totally clueless and it would be G sweeping around going 'now you swaddle this way..'



JJ said...

What a talented, self-sufficient Monkey ;0) Love the pics!

dee said...

Chomp chomp nom nom.

Yummy chunky baby goodness.

Jodi said...

He is a very cute baby! I love the pic of him in tummy time!

anna said...

Monkey is adorable! And Mr. TC's invention is ingenious. What a lovely family you have. I love when you post each day... reading your posts is my treat each day!

tobacco brunette said...

God he's delicious. Feeding himself at 4 months? Impressive - I'm going to show Owen that picture as soon as he can focus his eyes. Hopefully he'll get the hang of it sooner than later.

Also, the sink bath pic is SO cute.