Saturday, 20 September 2008

This Day

I have loved this day. Mr TC took Monkey for a walk, and let me sleep in til 9am! He had him in the pouch, and walked all around the lake for ages. He said "He's such a good boy, hon!" I told him it was great that he's bonding with him. He said he bonded with him the moment he was born. I said you know what I mean ... and he did. (When Monkey was born Mr TC was doped up on painkillers because his tumours were hurting him so bad. He had a daypass out from the big hospital, and had to leave when Monkey was a few hours old.)

Today was HOT. The warmth, oh my God. Every cell in my body is relieved that I never, ever have to be in the winter of 2008 again. It is gone. It was the most bitter, bone achingly miserable fucking winter of my life. We bought tomato seedlings and thyme bushes and worked in the garden.  Utter freaking bliss. I love doing family things.

Today, I discovered that Monkeys right cheek is much more ticklish than his left, Tiger discovered he could hit a ball with his baseball bat VERY hard, and Mr TC discovered to his dismay that he has put on waaaaay too much weight. I told him I would rather see him with some meat on his bones, than a skinny, scary, sickly skeleton.

Today, I laughed with my sister Rex on the phone, ate leftover tuna casserole for lunch, got on a secret level of Mario with Tiger (very exciting), and watched Mr TC toil in his beloved veggie patch. I took a photo of two of my favourite birds - kookaburras. They were sitting in a tree right outside our house, laughing so very hard. I always wonder what is so darn funny. Today, Monkey didn't like his tummy time, I hired a DVD "that the whole family can watch please mum!" ...... and I didn't think about cancer that much. Fuck you, cancer ... and the tumours you rode in on.




annacyclopedia said...

So beautiful, TC. I'm hoping my today is just as splendid. As soon as I wash my face and get out of my jammies, I'm walking my dog down to the farmers's market to pick up some stuff to make borscht with the plentiful carrots and beets in my garden, which I'll be harvesting later. Then I might have a nap with my pup and eat something good for lunch.

Cheers to good days.

PaleMother said...

I loved this post (and all your others).

Don't take this the wrong way, but I love you, TC.

Peace, out.


bleu said...

So happy you had such a lovely day, they are so needed!!!

I also love the sounds those birds make!!!

Jodi said...

I love this post. It almost brought tears to my eyes.
I'm so glad you had a wonderful day!

Beautiful Mess said...

YAY for wonderful days! Ahhh sleeping in, that is one of my favorite things to do EVER! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Vee said...

What spectacular day! I am so glad you got out and enjoyed it. What a miserable winter it was, nothing like the suns warmth to revive you.

That is a fantastic photo of the Kookaburras.

Pixxiee said...

That's the one thing I am jealous of. That you guys have Kookaburras. When I was a kid I wanted one in my garden! We have Tuis though - and on the weekend there were 8 of them singing and diving and having fun. Or fighting or having sex, I couldn't quite tell.

Yay summer is here. Doesn't it just feel so damn good to be warm. In a month or two we'll be complaining about the heat. But right now, it's lovely!

Marmite Breath said...

You had me at "sleep in until 9am" because sleeping in is FREAKING AWESOME and then you had me again at "pj's until noon". WOAH! HEAVEN!

(also the secret level of Mario with the kids, because we BOTH win there, I get to have fun but also win cool points)

I'm sorry that your life is sucking donkey dick lately, but this day will probably get you through some shit ones, hopefully.