Wednesday, 26 November 2008

And the Nominees Are ....

About two millennia ago, the kind Rachel Inbar nominated me for a Kick-Arse Blog Award. Actually, it's Kick ASS Blog Award, but we all know arse has an R in it. Rachel sometimes leaves a comment here, which I do appreciate. Once she left one on a particularly disturbing post - probably about heroin use (mmmmm, heroin) ... she said how "boring" she was. Rachel you are not boring ... I wish I was more sedate, more even-keeled. Like you!

So, I'm passing the award on to a few bloggers. Now, I don't really like doing this, because I don't like to be exclusive. I'm sorry if I hurt anyones feelings - if I could nominate 57 people then we'd be sweet. So, I've decided to give a shout-out to those people who I have only started to read recently. Say, when my life got all fucked up back in May. A lot of people have come here and given their support ... I am eternally grateful. I'm so sorry I've not reciprocated much lately. My motherfucking useless modem hasn't helped. The very raw truth is ... lately I have wondered if I am:

a) Having a breakdown
b) Am depressed
c) Have post-natal depression
d) Want a divorce
e) All of the above

So that's my excuse. I could sit here and write a post on all my angst and demons, or I can take the motherfucking focus off myself and direct it to some others.


Palemother. Oh my God she is so wise and mysterious and cool. She has fish on her blog that you can feed. She knows stuff. She "gets" people. She has beautiful children. She can spot dysfunctional family habits at 10 paces. She. Rocks.

Flicka at Vacant Uterus. I thought she really did live in Greenland! I am an idiot! Flicka is real and raw and post pics of sparkly hair clips she has put in to cheer herself up on a fucked day. Her hubby Sarge and her have been through the wringer, back out, then around again. They adopted Sam, who is Monkeys peep. Flicka, never stop blogging. Please!

Annacyclopedia. She makes BORSCHT, AND she is cool. Hot hair. She looked around for a Womans Circle, couldn't find one .... so started one up. A person who IS the change they want to see in the world. Anna has taken a few beatings, lately. (From life ... not her hubby.) I told her recently that she is going to be an AWESOME mother someday. And she is. And I will be here, willing and cheering her on. I heart her.

G at Makes You Stronger. Hands down, has the best IRL name EVER. The fires of hell have burnt her. And yes it's making her stronger but I wish it didn't have to happen. She deserves EVERYTHING GOOD to now start happening. Truly a Kick-ARSE blogger.

R.A.W. (PWP) I think about RAW all the time. She is taking a break from blogging .... but her generosity and warmth meant so much to me at a really hard time.

Mrs Spock A wonderful and wise peep, who genuinely gives a shit. She totally must have known I was doing a thousand cries today ... for she emailed me THIS. Can't believe she took time out to edit pics of me and Monkey. Made me laugh and laugh, freakin' hilarious. She is wise, kind, and thoughtful.

A special mention to Nancy ... although I connected with her last year, I cannot NOT give this award to her, for her blog truly does Kick some Serious Arse. Nancy is unshockable. She stirs the pot ... went to a scrapbooking convention and women grabbed their children tighter, probably due to her cool tattoos. She's opinionated, strong, and very fucking pregnant.

I've already gone over quota - I wish I could choose more. Thank you for your support, all the peeps above and beyond, out here in Blogland. Your positive thoughts have helped me through the mire. XOX

I'm still mortified at the pic I posted yesterday. (Thanks for the lovely anti-uglynose comments AHEM)

Here is another, to prove that I actually am cool now. (Obviously Mr TCs tattoos help with my cool quotient).

At least my fucking nose looks semi-decent in this one. I smell coffee .. IN BRAZIL.


Anonymous said...

Topcat, you are the best! I just crawled out of bed, my back is crap and we have to drive two and half hours today and I DON'T WANT TO. This award is SO perking my spirits right now! Exactly what I needed.

I laughed my aRse (aRRRRRRRse) off at that JibJab card...disturbing!

You guys are totally the next level of cool. Mr. TC's tattoos are way bad-ass. Arse. Bad-arse. (I need to practice this arse thing, obviously.)


G$ said...

Again, I need a warning about clicking through on stuff on your site... omg hahaha that Jibjab thing about slayed me. HILIARIOUS!!!

Much love to you too TC. You kick major arse. Look, I used an R just for you.

Never call me G banger though, that makes me want to hurl a little.


PaleMother said...

Love the JibJab! Brilliant. LOVE the tatoo pic even more ... your nose is gorgeous, like the rest of you. Being in touch with your inner dork only makes you more beautiful.

Thanks for the Kick In The Arse! HAHA!! I am not worthy.

I posted back at you and tagged a few others:

It was a nice way to highlight some of my sidebar. But Mr. PaleMother may come have a word with you. There was talk of me handing over my power cord earlier this week so I wasn't tempted to put off holiday chores. And now I've spent the morning singing the praises of bloggy peeps. :)

Oh well. :)

Stay strong.



Wordgirl said...

Oh TC,

Did you know that G refers to my nose as 'the schnozz' --??? And until I met him I really thought my nose was unremarkable --only to find out I have a beak!!

You and me TC, we're a pair.

I'm behind in reading due to my little jaunt into family hell -- but I"m back now... I always think of you -- and I hope you know that --

you are totally cool -- only someone totally cool could be cool with their old glasses and post a picture!!!

I love you my friend,


bleu said...

LMAO at that card, soooo damn funny. Hugs to ya hun.

MrsSpock said...

Glad that you liked the card- we thought it was freakin' hilarious. Thank you so much for the faaaahbulous award daaahling. MWAH!

annacyclopedia said...

Oh my GAWD!!! I'm so thrilled and honoured to get this award from you. Especially cause it's from you. Thank you so much. If I had gotten this award from anyone else, I would totally pass it on to you - your blog is everything a blog should be, and you are truly a light in my life, TC.

Greatest birthday present ever. Well, the JibJab thing was super awesome, and your line about smelling coffee in Brazil just about fucking killed me. You genius, you.

Rachel Inbar said...

I'm still laughing so hard from the glasses pic that the tears are making everything blurry...

I love reading your blog and am praying for Mr TC to have good news!

Amanda said...

The jibjab card is just too funny!

What a wonderful pic of the three of you. I have to say that Mr. TC's tattoos are pretty hot. I just loooovvveee muscled tattooed arms....drool. I'd have to say that you're nose looks much better in your sunglasses than it does in those old BCG's. ;-) And of course there is the ever precious little cute!

I have to agree with Rachel. Your blog definitely kicks arse! (i have to giggle as I type arse)