Tuesday, 25 November 2008

This morning, when I should have been working, I found the glasses I used to wear in high school, put them on, took a photo, and posted it on my blog.

Yes, yes I did.

No WONDER I never had a boyfriend in high school. I cannot BELIEVE my mother made me wear them. I am re-enacting photos taken of me as a teen .... the face is smiling but the eyes sure as hell aren't.


*** Admiring my own handiwork and congratulating myself on being SO hilarious, I was studying the picture for a while. For too long.
Ummm, MY NOSE LOOKS LIKE A CAULIFLOWER. How can I be 36 and never TRULY know how big and ugly my nose is???? 


MrsSpock said...

Dear God. How did you get ahold of my grandmother's old BINGO glasses? Do you have her plastic head scarf too?

G$ said...

You should have a warning on this post, not to read when bladder is full. I nearly pissed myself laughing!

Your nose is fine, that angle and those glasses are weird.

A Free Man said...

Jesus, those are nearly as bad as the ones I had in Junior High: http://www.afreeman.org/2008/10/22/as-the-flames-rose-to-a-roman-nose/

This is the reason that I wear contacts today.

bleu said...

Your nose is perfect...the glasses are awful and make your nose look totally different than it usually does. I SWEAR!!!

Geohde said...

My glasses were WORSE.

Oh, yes it is possible. ANd when I 'accidentally' broke them? The replacements were no better....

Oh, AND I had an eye patch. No, I also had no boyfriends.


Vacant Uterus said...

Oh dear. Those glasses are...unfortunate. They definitely don't do much for your nose, that's for sure.

But I think the nose by itself would probably be quite lovely. Maybe try not jamming the camera quite so close next time, eh? And not so much with the flashy-flashy. :-P

Flicka, who has a HUGE nose herself. Seriously, birds love it.

kateypie35 said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA.....love it! I just think you are the bomb diggity, cause you go ahead and post pics of yourself...well....in those glasses!!! Classic!!

Tee said...

mate where's the mushroom bob to match?

battynurse said...

Your nose is great. It's just the glasses. I remember having a pair like that too. And I had to put a little glittery heart sticker in the bottom corner of one of the lenses. Yeah I never had any boyfriends either.

Vee said...

HAHAHA! What a crack up. They are beauties.

OvaGirl said...

But look I remember when those two tone glasses were all the rage. Perhaps they are the legwarmers of eyewear...except, oh legwarmers came back in again didn't they. Wait, what about the lycra jumpsuits of eyewear. I can tell you for a fact they never came back in (and actually weren't in when I wore one to my school disco in 1980)

Mrs M@sk said...

OMG that is hilarious!!! Although you instantly aged 100 years!!!

Me said...


annacyclopedia said...

Topcat, thank you for making me laugh this morning. I needed it.
And your nose is lovely - it's just the glasses are so ugly that the ugliness reflects on anything near them. So very unfortunate.

Will have to find some photos of myself as an unfortunate high schooler. I didn't wear glasses back then, but had lots of truly hideous clothes to compensate.

Pixxiee said...

Geez that's a hooter and a half! It's like a landing zone for large mozzies!

Well, everyone else was being so nice :-)

And it was just the angle. But I know all about noses - I have the flared nostril thing going on. Ugh. If I win lotto it's 10 back to back IVFs and a nose job.

Evil Stepmonster said...

OMG. There is nothing wrong with your nose, its the big round things resting on top of it that are ugly. I'm sorry but those glasses would make Heidi Klum look unattractive. They are hideous! You poor thing for having to wear them. But, they do explain so much...

Amanda said...

Your nose is just fine, it's those horrid glasses. Those are what I'd call (along with the rest of the military) BCG's. Birth Control Glasses. Only in the military they're black. ;-)