Saturday, 11 August 2007

"I'm dreaming of a white ...... puffy pen".

Nothing much to really say today. I have finally stopped crying (yay!!) ... and now just walk around like I'm in a kind of void. Strange. I had a dream that I was writing "Topcat waz 'ere" on a big, fat, white, puffy pen***. Then I realised that it was a Gonal F pen, that Mony had used it, gotten pregnant, signed it, and given it to me to use. Which I did, as I was signing it I realised it had worked and I was pregnant! Then I had to pass it on to someone else to get pregnant. It was very cool.

Hey - thanks to everyone who shared their funny (but not) Zipper horror stories!! Who knew!!

I went out to dinner last night - really didn't want to go, but was glad I did. There was a table of 12 of us, I was sandwiched in next to Mr TC and a good friend of mine. My phone alarm went off (thanks for the tip Vee) for my Synarel - it would have taken so long to get out and find a loo. I just said to my friend "Oh, s'cuse me I have to do something strange." And bent down and sniffed, very surreptitiously. She said "Oh, you poor thing, do you have a blocked nose?" I told her I did. I'm all class, really.

I was thinking of taking up a new hobby. What do you think of this?

*** Holy shit - just googling a funny image of a Gonal F pen to add to this post - they are white and puffy! Who knew! I choose to believe that it's a motherfucking sign!!


Vee said...

That is definitely a sign !

I love the new hobby, you crack me up :)

Glad the tip helped.

Fertilize Me said...

WEll who knew tampons were so crafty and have many uses

Fertilize Me said...
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Amy R said...

That website cracked me up!!

r.a.w. said...

And I thought *I* had too much time on my hands! I will have to show hubby the gun. Gotta give the man a reason to go *willingly* to pick up "supplies" during AF!!!

And, really, can the white puffy pen dream be anything *but* a sign???

Mony said...

Gosh, that was nice of me.
Maybe when you do get pregnant you can pass that lucky pen onto Von xx

topcat said...

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking!!