Thursday, 30 August 2007

ER gets an ER in the ER ****Fert Update****

My sister Tee sent me a text this morning, saying that she made her son eggs for brekkie - in my honour. When she rang later this arvo, I said "Well - did you make TWENTY TWO EGGS???"

  • The alarm went off at 5am, I turned to Mr TC and smiled. He goes "Oooooh, D-Day!"
  • At one stage today, there was a waiting room full of lovely TTC girls, expectantly waiting to be expectant. The conversation was buzzing, we were all comparing, anxious, excited. I looked around and thought, wow - imagine all of the eggs in this room right now!!
  • The actual procedure was in an operating room, filled with scientists, nurses, two doctors, and an aneisthatist (sp). I was so shocked! I thought it would be much less informal. I thought, "Shit, SO many people will be looking up my clacker today!"
  • Ummm, the junkie in me was a bit "Ooooooh, goodie - SEDATION". Oops!
  • I can't believe a male nurse changed my soiled pad - three times today. This IVF world is really full of firsts.
  • Twenty-two eggies. Twenty fucking two - I cannot BELIEVE we have made it this far. I'm so grateful.
  • I have been so, so sick all afternoon (vomiting, nauseous) - but am much better now. Well, I was until I read about Vons Delicious Maggot Soup. Von you simply MUST give me the recipe!!
And now - can I just say, I love my husband? I love him so much. I can't believe what he did for me today. When I say he's not that crash hot about the whole 'nother baby idea, well he's not - but of course, part of him is excited and anxious about it too. He is the best dad. To all of his kids - which is amazing, considering he never had a dad.
The poor, poor thing - he's very sore! The first thing he said when he came to see me after his PESA was "You tricked me!" (I underestimated how sore it would be). The best, most amazing part of today - MY HUSBAND HAS MILLIONS OF SPERM!!!!!!!!! SQUILLIONS!!!!!!!!! The doc let him look at it under the microscope, he said there was so much, they were all swimming around!
I said, "Shit! You're like a cockroach after a nuclear bomb! Nothing can stop you!" (Yes I know, I'm quite romantic too.) He showed me when we got home - MASSIVE purple bruise on his testicles! What a way to a girls heart!
I'm so overwhelmed - driving home, I teared up, and told Mr TC that what he did today - was the most amazing, most giving thing anyone had ever done for me in my life. And how much I love him.
So tonight, right now, right this second, in a hospital clinic west of Sydney, some of Mr TC's MANY sperm are all dressed up, on their best behaviour .... one may even have a rose clenched in his teeth .... smooth talking the hell out of my freshly harvested eggs. "How YOU doin'?"
Please send them Barry White thoughts!
Fertilisation report tomorrow ..... transfer on Saturday. WOW WOW WOW OMG!

***** Lab just rang with the news -
22 eggs retrieved
19 mature
12 fertilised
She said they're "looking great!"
Transfer booked in at 8am tomorrow morning. We will be getting the best one transferred, and the rest frozen. (Mr TC is TERRIFIED of twins). This is surreal. It's like making it into the stadium after the marathon, to run the final lap. You're exhausted, but the end is in sight! And what a prize! Holy CRAP!!! Go the over-use of exclamation marks!!!!!!!
I'll have to leave home around 6am. I'm madly finishing off articles and cleaning the house today, so I can sit on my big fat arse all weekend. I've already hired out the complete fifth series of Scrubs. I'm worried that I have to drive home after the transfer. I've heard that you're supposed to just rest as much as you can after it? I'm already practicing not flexing my tummy AT ALL, and my sisters are on strict instructions to not be funny. I told them I don't want to laugh the embryo out. Embryo!!! We made an embryo!! Actually - we made a few! Sorry for the gush ..... but ISN'T LIFE AMAZING!! To think, we all started up a teeny bunch of cells. Mindblowing.
I can't WAIT to catch up on everyone properly. oxoxoxoxoxo


Reproductive Jeans said...

TWENTY-TWO! YAHOOO! My little chant for you=)
Hope you are feeling better soon-but it sounds like you are in great spirits--and way to go Mr. TC!
Keep us posted!

Gemini Girl said...

As I am reading, I am crying (it
may be the jacked up twin pregnancy hormomes doing it). I am so happy for you TC you have no idea. What did I tell you about one ovary? It can do a lot! I got twenty out of my left ovary soldier! 19 fertilized, but then they dwindle down. After all was
said and done I wasleft with 8 beautiful ones. 2 in me, 6 in the freezer waiting for their turn.

I am so glad that he has millions of sperm after all that the man has been through. Now it's up to mother nature.

I am praying for you. You really are in my thoughts (even though we've never met and I live a world away). Cant wait for you to get fat and double chinned like me!

Chas said...

Oh man, I should have warned you about the PESA...pretty painful afterwards...but nothing they can't live with :).

Congrats on 22 eggs!! YAY!! I can't wait to see how many embryos you get!!!

Fertilize Me said...

22 and SQUILLIONS!!!! sounds like all fantastic news to me!!

Jen said...

It sounds like you have a squillion eggs too! Hoorah! Good luck on Saturday!

Becks said...

Like Gemini Girl, this brought tears to my eyes...and not because of the PESA because of the grear result and your excitement. Hoping for a great fert report tomorrow.

Carrie said...

22! That's 21 more than you need. That has to be good surely. So pleased for you.

Diana said...

22!!! WOW you are amazing and perfectly matched with your amazing DH!!

Fertilize little egglets!

Stacie said...

22 eggies + squillions of sperm has got to = loads of embies!!!

I am so happy for you. Can't wait for the fert report!

Let's chant the fertilization chant now!

Mony said...

With 22 eggs we should see embryo's to transfer & some to freeze!

r.a.w. said...

That is all such good news. What a great hubby you have! Hoping for the best on Saturday and all the days to come...

Von said...

When I was lying on the treatment bed today having a facial to recover from the maggot episode, I was thinking of you and your babies to be.
A great sense of peace settled over me and I knew that all would be well for you and the single embryo you would transfer.
Don't ask me why I knew you would only put one back in. I just did.
Now I hope and pray that you and I may go through 9 happy pregnant months together.
When I get knocked up in a few weeks that is..........
Much love and peace.

Geohde said...

yay yay yay yay effin yay!

Fertilize Me said...

al the great news continues to roll in goodluck with the transfer

SaraS-P said...

Congrats on the eggs!!!

ultimatejourney said...

Congratulations on the fantastic results and best of luck with the transfer!

Diana said...

YAY for your update!!!! Good luck at your transfer tomorrow!!!

anna said... and your man are amazing! Those numbers are fantastic. CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck tomorrow for your transfer. The worst part is over, and now you just need to concentrate on keeping calm (easier said than done, right?!) I'll be sending good, calm thoughts your way!

Mony said...

Hey there furry friend.
Can I just say that I HATE updates at the end of old posts....I never think to SCROLL down & see if there's news...I expect a fresh, new post everytime....I might MISS something otherwise!
Right. I woke at 6.00 am & sent you a fertile thought. I cooked my dog & I an egg on toast for breakfast (to please the fertility gods) I marvelled that it was the 1st day of Spring! Such a grand omen and finally I mused that it was a "September Morn.." and Neil Diamond knows a thing or two about cervical mucus & wand monkeys. Believe me.
You are in the 2ww my dear. I hope it fits you well. Goodnight Embryo xxx Can't wait for a FRESH NEW UPDATE.