Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Mr TC is Incredulous

He read the comments. He couldn't believe it, was totally blown away. He rang me, crunching chips down the phone.

Mr TC: "Hon! I can't believe all of those comments! It's like, they know me! How do they know me? And how do they know what I look like?"

Me: "Well, I've written about you a bit, and *cough* I've put a few pics of you on there.

Mr TC: "Yeah ... I can't believe it! We've got fucking places to stay all around the world! Tell 'em I can go on for another six months with that kind of a lift. Amazing! "

Me: "Well, hopefully you won't need to. Hey - it's October! Chemo finishes in October!!"

Then we had a faux argument, he said it was September 31st. I told him there was no September 31st. He said his watch told him it was. I said who do you believe, your watch or your wife? Silence. He believes his watch!! I said fine, have another day of chemo if you really want it. Then he goes, hon did you know it really actually is Paul Newman on those spaghetti jars? I said well yeah, who did he think it was? He didn't know.

Me: "Did you know Paul Newman died last week?"
Mr TC: "You're kidding! What from?"
Me: *Cough* "Ummm, ahhhhh .... hmmmmmm. I think cancer."

Wife of the Year.

(Mr TC says to tell all of you thank you, so much. Of course, he's all puffed up at the compliments ..... "So. They like me!! Heh heh.")



OHN said...

How great! I never got a chance to puff him up so tell him to add on another "I think you are a hottie Mr.TC" from a somewhat "older" woman in Ohio.

Wordgirl said...


That just makes me smile like a fool -- I'm glad we could puff him up a bit.

G and I faux-argue all the time -- it's our thing.




bleu said...

Oh YAY!!!!!!

Sadly I think the comments about it being Sept 31 may say way too much about him though. So typical. LMAO

You have to teach him the

3o days has Sept.
April June and November
All the rest have 31
except Feb.

Then he will know all by himself, even if his watch says differently.

Actually maybe all that speaks more about his taste in watches.

rex said...

HAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 31st Sept fuck he cracks me up!! I can just picture you cringing at his chip eating in your earhole too HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAA - did he work out who the hell rex and tee were? xx

annacyclopedia said...

So thrilled Mr. TC is feeling puffed up. Maybe now he'll understand the magic of the blogosphere?

nancy said...

I never could remember the rhyme bleu speaks of, but I know the knuckle trick. Hell, I just did it today to see if today was the 1st or 31st.

yay for mr tc being happy with what we wrote.

MrsSpock said...

I use the knuckle method of telling how many days a month has.
Every knuckle has a hill and valley. Start with the hill on the left hand. That's January. 31 days. A valley has 30 days. July is the last hill on the left hand. Start over in August on the right hand. Another hill, so 31 days again.

Pretty nifty- eh?

anna said...

DRAT! I've been so busy that I missed my chance to say hi to Mr. TC. Please tell him there's a blogger in Chicago sending wishes for a quick recovery from that nasty cancer stuff. Your lovely little family is also always welcome in our little Chicago house. Mr. TC, you're a proud lion who will roar in the face of cancer... I'm thinking of you and sending you all the prayers, good karma, and whatever else I can find to help!

Stacie said...

Yea for puffed up Mr. TC! So, have you started making plans yet? You can start in CA when you get the all clear for flying. :-)

Do I really have an accent? I know I sound like an idiot, but what am I gonna do about that? Only cure is to not talk, except that would make me go bonkers, so that is out.

Almamay said...

TC, I didn't get a chance to post a message for Mr TC because we've had some drama here in the last week. I hope it isn't too late.

Hi Mr TC,

So good to hear you are in the home strech with chemo. When you get the all clear and you are doing your world tour with the family remember you have friends in London who will take you out for some gigs and a meal. Keep strong.