Sunday, 26 October 2008

The Stepmother of All Posts

This post was all about my struggles when my stepson came back to live with us after a year and a half of being away. Taken down to protect him ..... but here are some cute photos:

I love my stepson so much. And I don't steplove him, I REAL love him. XO


Geohde said...


I don't have stepchildren so I can't offer any assvice. Don't think I would, anyway.

It can't be easy...



bleu said...

Oh hun, I think step-parenting seems like the hardest thing, like such a rough situation with sooooo many catch 22's and with all you are already going through I am so sorry this has been added. I wish I could just steal you away for a night with the Tiger and Monkey and make loads of popcorn and silly movies and chatting until all hours and until you laughed and laughed.

Much love.

Stacie said...

Sending my love, TC, as always. I so wish I had something more valuable to offer, something that would make it all better for you. But as usual I fall dreadfully short. Just know that I am hear listening and supporting whenever you need it.

Topcat said...

Oh, thanks guys. Bleu I would eat popcorn with you ANYDAY. There's probably nothing anyone can say to help on this one ... it's tricky. Just putting it out there gets it a bit sorted in my head, I guess. Blurgh.

Almamay said...

Just sending a hug and hopes that things settle down a little.

Vacant Uterus said...

Well damn. That just sounds really hard. I've got no suggestions, just loves for you.

Should you be a guru? Girl, by now we should ALL be gurus! If you figure out how, let me know, won't you?


OHN said...

Fathers and sons have a weird thing about relationships. I see it with all of mine and their dad. They are like birds puffing out their feathers to impress each other with an occasional poke thrown in and it does consume the entire room, no matter who is there. This is when I usually retreat to my office or my bedroom and ignore all the man-ness.

Dora said...

"his ex was "on the pill" and just kept getting pregnant to him."

Ugh, from my barren perspective, that alone qualifies her for super bitch status.

Don't know what to tell you about the stepson, but can you guys hire someone to help with the housework? Maybe that would relieve some stress.

BTW, happy belated clean birthday. As others have said, that you're writing here about feeling like using and going to meetings indicates your strength to face it down!


MrsSpock said...

I was an evil stepchild- but he was horrible to my mother and deserved it.

Having peace in the house is terribly important, I agree. Those young man-cubs can be quite noisy...

Wordgirl said...


I get it...and ours isn't sixteen -- which I can't even imagine - it's hard enough when they're eight.

Oh TC -- we're in a mutual admiration society because I admire YOU --

I imagine that all you can do is what you've been doing -- you mother Tiger and Monkey and come to stepson with honesty and respect -- and I keep hoping that maybe, just maybe -- he'll be a gift to you in this -- give something to you rather than taking -- though teenagers aren't known for their selflessness --or perspective - -let alone BOY teenagers -- but see if you can't lean on him a bit -- maybe you can tell him how much you need him -- that in this whole scary situation you are united in your deep love for Mr TC -- perhaps that will bring you together.

And if all else fails tell him to you aren't his maid and he's old enough to help you out because god knows you need it -- and the last thing you need is one more person taking from you when you really need someone to give something back.

It's a thankless job I always say and very few people understand how hard it can be.



annacyclopedia said...

I have no experience with this, but I'm listening. Always.