Monday, 20 October 2008

Since I Last Posted .....

..... since I last posted, I have discovered that I can, indeed, be a stepmother again. My stepson is here, his muscles are huge and he never fails to show them off. We spoke, late at night, of how things were going to be around here. He really wants it to work as well. I told him that all he has to do is show us respect. My exact words were "Mate, just don't fuck me around. Do not take my car for a joyride, have any parties. I love you, and want the best for you." I told him that I'm so glad he is here .... his dad needs him. Of course, there has been some prickles. I keep them hidden, but it's tricky when I feel the familiar feelings of jealousy, that he is taking all of his dads attention. It's just human of me, I guess. I notice the feelings and try to set them free. Because as much as step-parenting is hard, hard work .... it is also wonderful. There are times that we are all laughing at something stupid, we are all getting along so well ... that I catch myself and think, Oh my God, I belong to a real, live, proper family. And it's fucking awesome, and I count my blessings because I am so fucking lucky.

..... since I last posted, my sister Tee got her spiritual healer to do work on me from afar. For a whole hour ... I walked Monkey to the lake in the pram, listening to Newton Faulconer on my iPod. I felt release, rocks being lifted. I felt at peace, grateful, better. The worst is over, stop worrying, eat well. Spring is in the weather and in my step.

.... since I last posted, I printed off the previous post and gave it to Mr TC to read. I left it on the kitchen table one morning, so that when he got up he could read it. He said he loved reading it, and he was surprised that I seemed to know what he was going through.

.... since I last posted, I am slowly but surely making my way around blogs, adding them to my new "Blogs I Follow" list, and my blogroll. Finally I can start giving back again, self-absorption begone!

... since I last posted, not ONE piece of chocolate has passed my lips. I know, I can't believe it either. Driving over bumps in my car, I realised that my ARMFAT was wobbling. So, I am on an exercise regime, and eating proper. Did you know exercise + good food = feeling fantastic? Who knew!?

... since I last posted, I have realised that Tigers school disco is at Halloween ..... also the date of Mr TCs last chemo. (LAST CHEMO OH MY GOD LAST CHEMO YEEESSSSSSSSSSSS). Wow.


bleu said...

I love the vision of you saying something and cracking up and Mr TC not at all. It is so funny and relate-able to me.
You sound good.

Good on ya!!!!

Much much love.

Vacant Uterus said...

Sarge never gets my jokes either. I blame the brain damage but now you are telling me it's not that? It's all men? Perhaps a condition of the species, then....

New hair! Do we get to see pics?

Glad things are going better than expected with Stepson. Long may it continue!

Dora said...

You sound good, girl! So glad to hear it. Almost there! xoxo

battynurse said...

So glad that things are looking better. But no chocolate?!?! Oh and the arm fat. Yes I think if I moved my arms the right way I could take off in flight.

Carrie Ann said...

you are such a great writer.

I died laughing about the armfat. I can definitely relate -