Tuesday, 1 April 2008

30 posts in 30 days ... yes, I have signed on to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month ... even though it's American and I live in Australia.) Blogging daily .... see, Gemini Girl!! I figure what the hell - I may as well, while I still have the time.

Mr TC and Tiger got back yesterday, from their jaunt across the country. I had 4 nights of bliss, stretched out in the bed, slept in til 9.30 every morning, met up with friends, worked in my friends vintage clothing shop on Sunday, ate pizza and chocolate til I was sick, and watched the entire 6th series of Scrubs on DVD.

One amazing thing happened .... I wasn't even scared .... that there was a murderer in the roof, that I'm not earning enough money, that the spiders would sense I was alone and come and attack me. Actually, I felt very self-sufficient and, well, tough. I can border on being a bit co-dependant on Mr TC, but quite frankly, this sister was doin it for herself. And loving it.

This months NaBloPoMo theme is 'letters', so, ummm ..... D is for the Due Date that Dr Eyelashes EXTENDED during the worlds quickest prenatal check up this morning. He smells like tobacco and vomit, every time. I can still smell it in my hair. Anyway, apparently when you have a planned c-section they cut you open at 39 weeks. I was told 13th May at first, but now he reckons the 20th May. I'll be 39 weeks and 5 days, instead of 38 weeks and 5 days. I don't mind, I just really, really would like a healthy baby. I'm off to google Gemini's, instead of Taureans.

See you tomorrow!!



Angie said...

Wow, a date. Or did I miss that in another post? Anyway, it's getting close!

Fertilized said...

i wish they would moce my due date back - not up!

Glad tiger and MR tc are home and you (and they) enjoyed being gone

Good Luck with a post a day

Chas said...

First of all, your posts are NEVER boring!

How do they move your due date when you did IVF?? Doesn't that pretty much determine exactly when you're due?

OHN said...

Topcat...you are waaaayyyyy more understanding than I am ....husband at the ex's house, wow, for me to be fine with the situation I would have to duct tape his parts to his stomach so they couldn't be used-for anything ;)

But, on the other hand, to have the bed to myself...it might be worth it-teehee.

Dr. Eyelashes smoke and vomit smell would gross me out.

Gemini Girl said...

I can tell you a thing or two about Gemini's- we're all crazy. Of course, not as crazy as Scorpios- which I happen to be a mother of two of them.
Seriously- you are in for a WILD ride with a gemini.
Glad to see you blogging... be true to your word!

Geohde said...

When my other half is away, I'm a total sissy. I'm sure that someone only comes and rattles the doors when he's not home, just to mess with me.....