Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Panic at the Disco

I have exactly twelve minutes left in my computer battery. Pregnancy brain prevents me from finding my laptop cord. Thank GOD Monkey has just started kicking ..... hardly any movement all day seriously freaked me out. Am seeing doc tomorrow to officially book my c-section. Because tomorrow is May, and I appear to be having a baby in May.

Earlier this evening ...

Mr TC: (Upstairs on his computer) "Hon."
Me: (Downstairs making tomorrows lunches) "Yeah?"
Mr TC: "What's indisputable topcat?"
Me: Freezing. Heart pounding. Worlds colliding worlds colliding ... how did he find it?? "Ah, that's my blog."
Mr TC: "Your what? It's in my favourites. What is it?"
Me: (Cursing myself for being so careless.) "My blog ... like an IVF diary." Shit. Shit .... you'd think I'd been caught with a lover!!
Mr TC: Silence ..... nothing. Didn't even give a rats arse! As soon as I said the the three magic letters - IVF - he totally tunes out.

Ahhhhhhh, men.

Pics tomorrow I PROMISE. I have 2 minutes left ... can't wait to catch up on everyone then. xox


Anonymous said...

Close call! It's funny how men will just tune out whenever you bring up something they have no interest in. At least it worked in your favor this time!

Seriously...I'm just itching to see those pics! <3

Fertilized said...

Goood job! Mr TC doesn't want to hear about "that stuff"

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! Mate you gotta delete it off his computer CAN YOU IMAGINE!!! In case you haven't worked it out its Rex here! Bruz all the lil bambino's stop moving so much right at the end, they've got no room in there!!

Can you believe BJG (my little boy for those of you who haven't been introduced) is 3 today, exactly 3 years and 1 hour ago I produced this squirming little bundle covered in blood and looking so wonderously up at me! If you look at the photo's he looks just like a little monkey too! He had his nose squashed all over his face (I swear that nose was pushed up against my bladder for the last month!) and he was just beautiful! Don't you love the way newborns look when they're that fresh, like they are so wise and know all the secrets.....Ahhhhh Topcat you just made me get my first ever pang for another newborn. I can't WAIT to meet your lil monkey and I'm telling you peeps its a goregeous little red haired girl, not that I know but I'm never wrong!! Love yez Rex xxxxx

ultimatejourney said...

Hee hee. Did you ever think it would come in handy that your husband isn't interested in IVF?

Chas said...

Haha, would it really be such a big deal if he knew about your blog? My husband has always known about mine...knows exactly how to get to it...and would you like to guess how often he visits. That's right, NEVER. I guess he finds me boring ;).