Thursday, 24 April 2008

T is for Tidbits

For someone who has been gestating for 36 weeks now, I sleep like a dead man. Hubbie reckons I have started snoring, heh heh. I have a system in order ... I go to bed with a pillow on either side of me, so I can roll over onto each of them. But I'm sleeping so heavily I barely even roll over. It's like my body knows to get all the sleep while it still can, because for the next two years - forget it. I awoke this morning with Tiger next to us ... he's going through an "I'm scared" phase. I must confess ... I LOVE co-sleeping. However, at 6 and a half years old, Tiger can certainly kick pretty hard. Can't believe I slept through it.


Mr TC has been just so lovely. I've been really mindful of not wanting or needing too much from him this whole time I have been pregnant. He knows it, too. Yesterday morning, when I was all withdrawn and silent, he just kept pressing and pressing me to see what was wrong.

Mr TC: "What do you need, hon? What can I do to make you feel better?"
Me: Sniffling "Well, I just feel lonely. And we need .... baby stuff. I'm doing all the baby stuff a-lone ..." Pathetic wail.
Mr TC: "Like what? What baby stuff?"
Me: "Well, umm, a carseat. Sniffle. And - and baby wipes ..." Crumpled pathetic cry.

Seriously. So ridiculous it's funny.


Last night, I went to bed ... and, after some marital hanky-panky, I brazenly whipped out Tigers Nintendo DS, to play Mario Bros. Mr TC was like, are you seriously shitting me or what? Are you for real????

Attaching my iPod earphones, I said mate, I'm on World 5. Do you know how hard I've worked to get here?? I'm not hurting anyone - look at all the worse things I could be doing. (I did feel like a bit of an idiot, though.) He shrugged, turned over, and went to sleep.


Mr TC is on STRICT INSTRUCTIONS to stop wincing when he sees my belly. He told me he only does it because it looks like I'm in pain. I said I wasn't, but sometimes I feel like I need more support around my lower belly.

Mr TC thinks for a moment. "I can make you a shelf. With scaffolding."


He told me that, out of all his kids, he was most looking forward to the birth of this one!!!! (Which was so lovely it led to said aforementioned hanky panky.


Oh ... one more thing - apparently we are going to Mr TCs mums house after all. We might stay 1 night, or 2 ... it depends how we (I) go. But, the thought of cooking no meals, going to the movies every day, and having one last swim before winter comes, was just too attractive.

I'm taking my computer with me, and will try to hack into one of the neighbors wireless networks.

Upcoming blog posts include ....

* Belly shots - probably taken next Tuesday, after I get my hair done. (Vain turd that I am)
* Nursery photos!! (For you, GG)
* Thoughts on still being in disbelief that the embryo that got transferred last year on 1/9/07 seems to have resulted in pregnancy. Which will very soon result in a baby. (omg)
* Various random musings.


Angie said...

Waiting for the next post! :-) I love pictures!

Chas said...

So you get made fun of for playing the DS, eh? If it makes you feel any better, my parents have a DS, and they both play it....and they don't have any kids in the's just theirs, lol.

Gemini Girl said...

yeahy- pictures- its about GD time.

If I said it once I will say it a million times. Its a boy. And this is why: you are frisky even though you are 36 weeks prg. The testosterone makes you that way. I was in no way interested at all from the beginning of my pg until the end. Even when I htought I was having a boy, I wondered why I wasnt feeling in the mood. Turns out, there was no boy, so just more estrogen which made my husband a very unhappy man.

good luck at your mother in laws house!

Fertilized said...

Yes plkease take the computer - I need my daily Topcat Fill!! You make my life so much better with your antics! I love reading your posts!

Tell Mr Tc - Zip it and be Nice for the next few weeks!

Diana said...

scaffolding!! hahahahahh!!!!