Friday, 11 April 2008

G is for Green Eyed Monster

Plucking my chinhairs in the rear view mirror of my car this morning, I got to thinking. I'd had a particularly brief dream last night, involving Gwyneth Paltrow, who was about to fall pregnant. I woke up, with lingering feelings of jealousy. That she could just decide, and get pregnant, just like that.

I also realised ..... I see a pregnant belly in the street - and I feel jealous!! WTF, man. I'm 34 weeks myself, how crazy is that. I think it's been so inbuilt in me now for quite a few years, maybe it's entrenched and I'll always get a pang when I notice a pregnant woman?

Some women are definitely more 'showy' about it than others .... belly rubbing, an aura around them that they want you to look and notice their gestationary situation. (Actually, I fear I was a bit like that with Tiger. "Look at moi look at moi!!") ...

Sometimes I think I better hurry up and enjoy being pregnant ..... revel in it, don't let all the moments escape. But I find myself hiding my bump a lot. I HATE people staring at me, except when it's on my terms. I especially hate middle aged men looking at me like I'm some sort of freak. "Fuck off!!" I want to shout. "This is what you're mum looked like with YOOUUUU."

Ummmm, perhaps I'm a bit hormonal??

Anyway, I thought all this and didn't realise that the traffic light had turned green, and the people behind me weren't even beeping. They were too busy LAUGHING at the FREAK plucking her chin hairs in traffic.

Will I ever get some class?


B said...

That was a funny story...the kind of thing I would do!

So glad things are going well.

P.S it's Becks (previously One Miracle Needed) moved blogs

Gemini Girl said...

dont talk to me about chin hair. I have two or three stray ones. Damn it, Im 27! I shouldnt have to deal with this!

Anyway, I totally get how you feel. I sort of felt that way in my pg. But with me it was more of a competition. I would see another pg woman and say to myself "well, she's only havine ONE baby- so I totally beat her"- beat her at what though? I guess because it took me so long to get pg that I finally felt like I had the upper hand with my multiples I guess. I even find myself reveling in the fact that I have two at once, when speaking with other new moms. I love it when they say to me "well, I thought I had it hard- you are superwoman" ah.

I am def still jealous of pg women I see. I hate them! you would think I dont have two five month olds at home. I think its something that will never go away- so trust that you are NOT alone.

Geohde said...

Yes, why the heck is it that people stare so much?

Pregnancy isn't that uncommon or wierd, but all the second looks always make me worry I've gone superman-style and put my underwear on the outside or something equally daft.

Also, I do get sick of people telling me that 'he' is going to be a 'big baby'. It's two, you dolt. And don't, for the life of me, go 'oooooo' when I say that. AND whilst I'm using your blog to vent, don't look sideways at me and mutter 'most twins are from fertility treatment, so do they run in your family at all?'. I'll hit the next person that does that!

There. I feel better now.

You know what? I wouldn't laugh at you and your chin hair habits.