Monday, 14 April 2008

T is for Topcats To-Do List ...

1. Hire out Men in Black DVD for Tiger (he is on school holidays)

2. Make an effort on cleaning the house. Great thing about marrying a builder is he builds a 5-bedroom, 2-storey, 2-bathroomed dreamhouse. Drawback is CLEANING THE F*CKER.

3. Make macaroni and cheese for dinner

4. Call mother and, in a calm and rational way, have a conversation about how her recent comments affected you and triggered a lot of childhood shit, and you don't want her to come and stay with you after your baby is born because you can't relax when she's around

5. Send out emails to get an article commissioned

6. Try and bend down to reach toenails to paint them

........ ummmmmm, that's it. Will post the aftermath tomorrow. xo


Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Fertilized said...

i say pay for a pedicure instead of doing them!

Gemini Girl said...

Number 4 sounds a lot like my post today.

Geohde said...

Good luck, esp with #4...